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Dividend-Paying Stocks: Why They’re an Integral Part of Your Portfolio

Dividend-Paying StocksIn my previous commentary, I talked about high-flying IPOs like Shake Shack Inc. (NYSE/SHAK) and their vulnerability to the downside. Now I’m going to swing to the other end of the investment spectrum with the dividend-paying stocks that tend to deliver consistent results and pay a dividend over the long term. Here you are not. Read More

Dividend-Paying Stocks for a Market at its High

Dividend-Paying StocksI still feel that dividend-paying stocks have the edge going forward. The stock market has already gone up tremendously and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t experience a material price correction.At the beginning of 2013, investors threw caution to the wind and just started buying stocks after two years of price consolidation.. Read More

Warren Buffett’s Top 5 Dividend-Paying Stocks for 2015

Invest Like a BillionaireTo find the best dividend-paying stocks in 2015, it might be a good idea to see what the 20th century’s greatest investor is holding…Warren Buffett: World’s Wealthiest InvestorForbes just released its 2015 ranking of the world’s wealthiest 500 people. For Wall Street, the most interesting ones are those investors who have. Read More

Dividend-Paying Stocks: Are They Too “Slow-Growth?”

dividend paying stocksCountless earnings reports are still hitting the Street—and a lot of them are from dividend-paying stocks.It hasn’t been a bad first-quarter earnings season overall. We know that sales growth is pretty slow for brand-name businesses. And those companies generating double-digit growth on the stock market are expensively priced.. Read More

Top 3 Gold Dividend Stocks in 2015

Pro_Con_May_2_2015_WEB_volsky_imageThe top gold dividend stocks have maintained regular dividend distributions to shareholders, despite a 40% decline in gold prices since 2011. More impressive is that the gold stocks on this list have managed to cut costs and increase production—making them the top gold dividend stocks to watch in 2015.1. Sibayne Gold Limited (NYSE/SBGL). Read More

Two Dividend-Paying Stocks That Can Beat the Market

Dividend Paying StocksNow that we know that first-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) was anemic and the Federal Reserve is thinking about changing interest rates, individual stock selection is even more key in this market. And I still like dividend-paying stocks; they can outperform with sales and earnings growth slowing.In a rising-rate environment,. Read More

Top 4 Dividend Stocks to Watch in May 2015

Dividend Stocks to WatchMy list of the best dividend stocks for May 2015 includes firms with a high dividend yield, supported by a dominant industry position and a healthy financial track record.In good times or bad, dividends are what investors should look for. Companies that can pay dividends consistently tend to hold a market-leading position in mature. Read More

Top Dividend-Paying Stocks to Watch This April for Capital Growth

Top Dividend Paying StocksWith the stock market trading in a tight range and most indicators telling us equities are wildly overvalued, it might be a good idea for investors to look at these top dividend-paying stocks in April that have a long history of providing capital appreciation and consistent annual dividend growth.Balancing Risk and Reward with Top Dividend-Paying. Read More

These Dividend-Paying Stocks Your Best Bet Right Now?

Dividend-Paying Stocks Your Best Bet Right NowThis is still a good environment in which to be a dividend investor. Strong cash balances, low capital costs, and continued unwillingness on the part of large corporations to make bold new investments makes rising dividends a reality in a slow-growth environment.Top Companies Continuing to Increase DividendsCountless brand-name. Read More

Dividend-Paying Existing Winners the Place to Be for 2015?

My Expectations for the Stock Market in Early 2015The lull between earnings seasons is always long and the marketplace is clamoring for something from which to trade off.A number of companies have already reported good numbers and they are a good precursor for what’s to come.This market is looking pretty tired and it’s been another double-digit year (mostly) after the tremendous. Read More

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