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Gold Price: Peter Schiff Says This Will Be “Super Bullish” for Gold

Peter-SchiffForget the Fed; Gold Prices Could Be on the Verge of Breakout, Says Peter Schiff Precious metal prices could soar in the coming weeks with the U.S. economy entering a recession. Investors accept the Federal Reserve will not be able to raise interest rates in 2016. At least, that’s the latest gold price forecast from popular market commentator.

Gold and Silver: Why a 2009-Like Price Surge Is Ahead

Gold_Silver_Price_SurgeDespite both gold and silver prices being depressed right now, the premium above the spot price to buy real gold and silver are at absurd levels. When you go out to buy gold or silver bullion (gold and silver coins and/or bars), you pay a certain premium over the current spot price. If you purchase a gold coin when the spot price of gold is $1,130.

Gold $5,000? Low Interest Rates Could Send Gold Prices Soaring

Gold Prices SoaringGold Prices Could Soar If Fed Doesn’t Raise Rates Both silver and gold prices rose substantially in Friday trading as news of the U.S. unemployment rate spread, prompting analysts to speculate further commodity rallies. Data show that September saw little more than 142,000 jobs created versus the expected figure of 203,000. (Source:.

Gold Investing: 4 Gold ETFs to Watch in 2016

Gold ETFA Stock Market Crash Could Be Bullish for These Gold ETFs If you’re looking for a safe place to stash your wealth, then you will want to consider gold exchange traded funds. Waning investor confidence in the wake of the Chinese market crash sent international markets into a freefall, further fueled by crises in the eurozone, Middle East,.

Gold Prices Setting Up for Reward Thanks to Stocks and Bonds

GoldPricesSettingUpGold Prices Down, Opportunity Remains Year-to-date, gold prices are down roughly 4.5%. This shouldn’t bother investors whatsoever. The precious metal continues to present a great opportunity. Here’s what must be understood; gold can act as a transition asset at times. In other words; when there’s uncertainty in other asset.

Gold Price Forecast: Goldbugs Could Have the Last Laugh in 2016

Gold Price OutlookGold Price Outlook: This Could Send Gold Prices Soaring in 2016 Gold prices had a slight rebound last week, supported by the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision not to raise interest rates. The yellow metal has taken quite the beating in market trading this year, as expectations of a Fed rate hike continue to mount. Higher interest rates.

Gold Price Forecast for 2016: Optimistic Gold Price Outlook Ahead

Gold Price Forecast 2016Gold Presenting Great Opportunity Gold prices haven’t really performed so far in 2015, and this phenomenon really has precious metal investors worried about what’s next. There are many questions about where gold prices could go next. If they are true believers in buying undervalued investments, then they shouldn’t be too concerned..

Gold Price Forecast: Collapse of U.S. Dollar Could be the Catalyst for Soaring Prices

Gold-price-forecastU.S. Dollar Collapse Could Send Gold Prices Through the Roof Looking at gold prices today, investors didn’t really seem to get the whole story last week. The U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision not to raise interest rates not only reflected lackluster economic growth, but also suggested a weak paper currency. When people finally realize.

Gold Prices: Two Key Ratios Say Bottom Is In

Gold_PricesThere are two indicators I closely follow to gauge where gold prices are headed. And right now, they are saying the bottom is in for gold and that higher prices are in the cards. Gold-to-Oil Multiple Screams Higher Gold Prices Ahead The first such indicator is the ratio of the price of gold to the price of crude oil, often referred to as the .

Gold Price Forecast: Have Gold Prices Finally Bottomed?

Gold Price ForecastThese Charts Show What’s Likely Next for Gold Prices Wall Street is celebrating the spectacular fall in precious metal prices. But these new catalysts could force them to revise their gold price outlook higher in the months ahead. After several years in slumber, gold prices could finally be on the cusp of a spectacular comeback. Precious.
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