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21 Jul 2017
How Fitbit Stock Can Earn Back Investor Confidence
The Big Problem for Fitbit It’s been a tough year for Fitbit Inc (NYSE: FIT). Not only did the Fitbit stock price lose more than...
21 Jul 2017
Applied Optoelectronics Stock Continues to Defy Gravity
AAOI Stock: The Bulls Are in Control Wow! Applied Optoelectronics Inc (NASDAQ:AAOI) stock is surging and the rapid pace of gains is just relentless. This year...
21 Jul 2017
Sarepta Stock Just Crossed an Important Inflection Point
SRPT Stock: Staying True to my Word, a Bullish View Is Once Again Warranted Sarepta Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:SRPT) stock reported earnings on July 19, and it...
21 Jul 2017
Coach Stock Breaks Out at Multi-Year Top
Coach Looking at Strategic Expansion The stock market doesn't always revolve around the technology sector, but it can sometimes seem that way when you look...
20 Jul 2017
Ballard Power Stock Is Ripe for a Bullish Run
BLDP Stock: Setting Up to Make a Move Ballard Power Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:BLDP) stock is an alternative energy play that is focused on hydrogen power....
20 Jul 2017
NVDA Stock Forecast: Why the Next Decade Belongs to NVIDIA Corp
NVIDIA Stock Price  One of the wildest runs of 2016 was the surging prices of chip companies, with a particular focus on one major player,...
20 Jul 2017
What Made Bitcoin and Ethereum Turn Around?
Bitcoin Prices/Ethereum Prices Rebound Aaaand...they’re back. It hasn’t been too long since they crashed, yet Bitcoin and Ethereum are shooting skyward with resounding force. On...
20 Jul 2017
YY Stock Has its Sights Set on Much Higher Stock Prices
YY Stock Is a Picture-Perfect Example of Bullish Price Action It's safe to say that I am particularly excited about Chinese Internet stocks, because this...
19 Jul 2017
2017 Guide to How to Invest in Penny Stocks
How to Invest in Penny Stocks  Penny stocks are often some of the most exciting plays on the market due to their low cost of...
19 Jul 2017
Paul Singer’s Stock Market Tips
Should You Follow Paul Singer Elliott Management? Investing in the “Paul Singer portfolio” is like throwing a saddle on a shark. It’ll be a wild...

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