Mitchell Clark, B.Comm.

Mitchell Clark is a senior editor at Lombardi Financial, specializing in large- and micro-cap stocks. He’s the editor of a variety of popular Lombardi Financial newsletters, including Micro-Cap Reporter, Income for Life, Biotech Breakthrough Stock Report, and 100% Letter.

Mitchell has been with Lombardi Financial for 17 years. He won the Jack Madden Prize in economic history and is a long-time student of equity markets. Prior to joining Lombardi, Mitchell was a stockbroker for a large investment bank.

In the years following the financial crisis that began in 2007/2008, Mitchell predicted the stock market would do well—and it has. According to Mitchell, it’s just another cycle according to the long-run history of equities.

In his spare time, aside from investing, Mitchell enjoys hobby farming and experiencing the outdoors.

Get to know Mitchell…

Where did you get your start in investing and how did you invest your first dollar?

I began following the stock market at 16 years old. Trained in finance/economics desiring to be a stockbroker. I learned that investment products are mostly sold, not bought and that investment banks care more about themselves than individual investors. I’m the world’s worst salesman.

My first dollar invested in the stock market was based on someone else's stock tip, and it promptly lost 100% of its value. It was a valuable lesson to have a strong adherence to investment risk and not to listen to anyone else's recommendations. My best capital gains have come from real estate.

What investing advice do you live by?

Invest in what you know with a strong adherence to risk. The only opinion or view worth following when investing is your own. It’s good to hear an expert’s opinion, but you have to do your own homework, too.

What led you to join Lombardi Financial and Profit Confidential?

Lombardi was just a natural fit after quitting being a stockbroker. The investment bank I worked for offered me another position, but I wanted to focus on U.S. equities, which was not their business. At the time, Michael Lombardi was looking to expand Profit Confidential, so I just happened to be looking in the right place and at the right time.

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