What The Bible Says About America’s Collapse

Dear Reader,

Does the Holy Bible contain a hidden roadmap for America’s economic recovery?

Believe it or not, the answer is sparking an underground revolution.

A revolution that’s generating a whole new wave of prosperity in America.

Hi, my name is Mitchell Clark, and for the last several months, I’ve led a very unique research project—a search for a solution to America’s economic problems in the Bible.

And what we uncovered was astonishing…

It’s a prophecy hidden on page 638 of the King James Bible…

As it turns out, this prophecy is coming true for thousands of everyday Americans—in towns everywhere…

It’s what I call the “Biblical Wealth Event.”

Impoverished towns transformed into bustling metropolises…

Hundreds of thousands of jobs created…

New parks, schools, and hospitals built…

And millionaires minted virtually overnight…

It’s like the Great Recession never happened.

As you’ll see over the next few minutes, this Biblical prophecy is exactly what Americans everywhere have been praying for.

By tapping into the Christian Bible—a book some say President Obama disdains—they’ve achieved what he’s failed to accomplish…

A real economic recovery.

I know it sounds incredible, but this “Biblical Wealth Event” is ushering in a new dawn for America.

It’s spreading new fortunes to ordinary folk.

It’s creating new jobs and balancing budgets.

And it’s slamming the brakes on Obama’s failed stimulus policies.

Forbes calls it “a gift from heaven.”

And this development has the power to hand you untold wealth, regardless of your age, job status, education, or how much money you have.

That’s not just my opinion…

The situation I’m discussing today is changing the lives of so many everyday Americans; it even inspired one billionaire oil man to say, “I think this is divine intervention.”

I find it hard to explain any other way.

At no point in American history has so much money gone not to people who are already rich—but to everyday folk.

Take one small northeast Ohio town made up nearly entirely of poor farmers. It had no basic services, no comforts, and no jobs. It was part of America’s rustbelt—a symbol of our nation’s decline.

630 new millionaires were created there overnight, virtually out of thin air.

And mind you, that’s in a region with less than 45,000 people.

Take Larry, who spent most of his life working hard on his family’s farm and never took a vacation.

Several years ago, his family’s farm was up for auction and he was working a sales job just to keep the family afloat.

That is, until he landed on $900,000 instantly, with the promise of much more.

He kept the farm and now receives anywhere from $3 million to $5 million each year.

“It’s made all the difference in the world,” Larry reports.

One of the first things he did was take a long overdue vacation to the Florida Keys.

He told reporters “We haven’t even seen the beginning of this yet.”

Then there’s his neighbor Ron, age 64, who instantly landed on an $5,800,000 windfall.

“You spend your whole life saving money, being frugal, living beneath your means and just because a whole bunch of money falls into your lap doesn’t change me over night,” Ron said.

And there’s Sam, who stumbled on $3.5 million overnight.

Sam’s family considers the newfound wealth “a gift from God.”

In fact, according to Ed, an area resident…

“The whole community believes it was divine intervention”

Towns like this are now building new roads, schools, and hospitals.

They’re developing new water and sewage systems.

They’re funding their police department and paying off their debt.

They are now bustling areas full of life and prosperity.

Over 200,000 new jobs are being created—positions that could pay $74,000 annually and more—although they may not be able to even fill half of them.

One area resident says, “They are telling us that any person in this county who wants a job will have one.”

As someone else put it, “it’s better than any state lottery program, better than any government handout, better than…well just about anything!”

“[This] could not happen to a nicer bunch of people! God bless them.”

Even Ohio Governor John Kasich told a crowd, “The Lord may have placed deposits in the eastern part of this state…that can bring great prosperity to people who don’t have much.”

The governor called it…

“A Godsend for Our State”

But our Creator’s blessings are not confined to northeast Ohio. Small towns throughout America are experiencing similar miraculous results.

Thanks to this unusual development, The New York Times reports, “once-decayed steel towns and desolate rural regions are rising anew…”

Like the formerly impoverished DeSoto Parish of Louisiana.

Until recently, this was one of the state’s poorest parishes.

But in 2008, when things were at their bleakest, the people of the small rural region experienced what I call the “Biblical Wealth Event.”

According to the New Orleans’ The Times-Picayune, this “turned unsuspecting farmers, clerks and retirees into millionaires and filled public treasuries to overflowing…”

“Everybody’s mouth was wide open,” reports Parish President Bryant.

“The windfalls, both real and potential, are raising expectations of early retirements, fine cars and independent wealth,” says The Times-Picayune.

“Some residents call it a gift from God,” reports The New York Times.

Take Mike, age 60, who, according to a local newspaper, got “lottery-like shock, and now he’s retiring early.”

“I got a check for over a million, in less than two weeks,” Mike said. “I just didn’t get used to it. Gosh, it was like, darn. Somebody hands you a million dollars, and you have to think about it for a while.”

All told, humble people like this have received upwards of $3.2 billion combined since they started following this new path.

And the town is prospering like never before in its history.

Local resident Richard says, “God has really blessed us.”

“It’s been all him. Not us.”

When asked about the Bible’s role in the town’s new fortune… Richard says, “What God gives vision for, God gives provision for.”

“I believe this is the appointed time”

How else to explain it?

Even while America sank to its lowest point ever… these people have never seen better times!

In Mansfield, a town of 5,000, new restaurants and hotels are popping up.

They’re developing the town’s first public park and building a convention center at the airport.

As school districts around America go bankrupt, these folk are piling cash into education.

Eleven of the 12 schools in DeSoto are getting new buildings.

“Teachers in DeSoto…have gone from last to first on the Louisiana teacher pay scale,” according to the state’s Department of Education.

In fact, teachers there now make 21% more than their peers in expensive New Orleans.

Classrooms now have new computers and an electronic “smart board.”

Three new high school football stadiums are installing artificial turf.

And it’s all paid in cash—so they’re NOT going into debt for any of it.

The people are giving back for their many blessings.

They’ve constructed a brand-new church.

And on the sign outside, the church Pastor posted a thank you to God “for our $1,000,000 offering.”

In nearby Logansport—with 1,600 people—it’s NO different.

The $2.3-million library is now the crown jewel of the town.

But that’s just one of many projects they’re busy developing.

When asked how they paid for all of this…?

The public administrator of the town replies, “No debt.”

He then pronounces it slowly to let the words sink in, “I mean… No. Debt.”

How different is this from so many American cities—places that are still going bankrupt thanks to the Great Recession?

“God has blessed everybody living around here,” says the town’s sheriff, “There is no way else to look at it.”

But you don’t have to live in Ohio or Louisiana… or even visit these places… to reap these rewards.

As you’ll see in a moment, there’s a way to join the new group of overnight millionaires—no matter your age, education, location, or current income.

In fact, it doesn’t even matter what your church or religious denomination is.

The next “Biblical Wealth Event,” as I call it, could deliver you the same blessings thousands of everyday Americans are experiencing.

The blessings of wealth, happiness, and freedom.

The ability to give more wealth away. To give more to charity and to your church.

To have more time to spend with your family, to spread joy around, to volunteer.

This is the salvation tens of thousands of everyday Americans—now wealthy—are experiencing.

And you could too, thanks to this Biblical prophecy.

You just need to know where and when it’s coming.

And you’ll get the full details on that in a minute.

But first, let me answer the most important question of all:


The Anti-Obama Recovery

The story begins six years ago, in the aftermath of the 2008 market crash…

Some Americans turned to Obama for help.

They saw him as their potential savior from economic doom.

But not everybody did.

Others looked to the Lord for His guidance, for it has been said that He guides in all matters.

And since then, I believe He’s led the faithful forward to a whole new era of prosperity—one unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

It’s like an era of “America’s Redemption.”

Now, I understand if this seems hard to believe.

In many towns, and possibly yours, you could still be feeling the effects of the Great Recession.

But, let me be clear, the blessings of God’s salvation have not been felt equally everywhere.

ONLY certain states and towns—places experiencing what I call the “Biblical Wealth Event” —have reaped the blessings of America’s Redemption.

And here’s the thing…

They’re NOT raising taxes on the rich…

And they’re NOT spending money like water.

Instead, they’re simply harvesting the natural bounty God blessed them with.

And they’re doing it in spite of Obama’s overbearing business rules and regulations.

The results couldn’t be clearer…

  • Their unemployment rate is NEAR ZERO
  • Their budgets are overflowing
  • And ordinary townsfolk are becoming millionaires overnight

In northeast Pennsylvania, for instance, CNN reports a mechanic named Chris became a “millionaire practically overnight.”

His first check totaled $900,000.

“It’s been the opportunity of a lifetime,” says Jodi, a construction worker who struck it rich.“You hear the doom and gloom about what’s happening with the economy on the national news, and then you see what’s happening up here.”

It’s almost as if Pennsylvania followed the “instructions” on page 638 of the Bible.

The state has seen almost a quarter million jobs as a direct result.

Construction employer James says that they’re very close to full employment.

If it weren’t for this “blessing,” says James, they “would have faced double-digit unemployment…”

In 2012, former president Bill Clinton traveled to this section of Pennsylvania to see firsthand the miraculous results.

Even Clinton couldn’t help but appreciate the workings.

He told a local crowd, “In a growing economy, you need to start by counting your blessings.”

And referring to the miracle in Pennsylvania, he repeated…

“We Must Count Our Blessings”

— Bill Clinton

Over 1,000 miles west, in Kansas, people are experiencing similar blessings.

Like Jack, a 64-year-old farmer, who was struggling to save for retirement. Thanks to what I have been calling the “Biblical Wealth Event,” he landed on a $160,000 windfall. Not a staggering sum, compared to many others, but enough to jumpstart his retirement.

“He believes that God was responsible for this recent stroke of good fortune,” reports CNN, “and he doubled his regular contributions to his church…”

And more than 700 miles north, in North Dakota, it’s NO different.

Take Larry, from a tiny town of 1,458 people, who is now looking to “reap as much as $1 million a year,” according to a USA Today report.

“It’s unexpected, a blessing,” says Larry.

Then there’s North Dakota farmer Ted, age 55, and his wife Dawn, who lived hand-to-mouth raising livestock for decades.

But now, The Telegraph reports, “The dark days of debt and juggling bills are a thing of the past for [Ted and Dawn]…[they’re] on the fast-track to millionaire status.”

Ted told a Telegraph reporter, “For the first time in my life, I’m not in debt. That’s a godsend for folks like us.”

While Dawn says, “I feel very blessed. I am just happy that it means our children are going to have an easier time than we did and that they will be able to do what they want to in life.”

And these folk are NOT alone… Far from it.

In fact, the entire state of North Dakota is now enjoying its blessings.

The numbers speak for themselves.

North Dakota’s budget surplus is an estimated $1.6 billion.

It has 25,000 job openings.

And 12,000 new millionaires.

But it’s far from over…

In fact, according to one economist, they are seeing…

2,000 New Millionaires per Year

As local resident Derald puts it, “It’s not very hard to be a millionaire nowadays.”

Many of these folks are honest, hard-working Americans.

Most worked odd jobs. Some only had high school educations.

Others hadn’t traveled far outside their own town or state.

In these places, Reuters reports, “You can’t tell the average Joe farmer from the average Joe millionaire.”

You wouldn’t know they were rich from the way they looked.

They don’t spend like crazy when money comes their way.

They’ll pay off their mortgage… pay for college tuition… or take a well-deserved vacation.

But that’s about it.

These aren’t the people who were “supposed” to become wealthy.

But what I have been referring to as the “Biblical Wealth Event” is changing the rules of who can and can’t become rich in America.

It’s shifting wealth to areas once considered the “backwoods.”

Towns and counties you’ve never heard of.

They’re miles away from bankrupt cities like Detroit.

And they’re finally now able to build new roads, hospitals, and schools.

Parks and libraries, too.

But even though their treasure chests are full, they don’t spend lavishly… maybe because that’s not God’s way.

What’s more, these places are seeing thousands of new jobs.

And the jobs are good-paying jobs. American jobs…many jobs over $100,000 a year.

That’s why Americans are flocking IN DROVES to these areas.

A recent Deloitte study found that certain states are seeing unusual rates of mass migration.

These are places that have experienced what I call the “Biblical Wealth Event.”

And they’re places with increasing employment rates.

See the map yourself…

Everyday Americans are rushing to these areas to claim their share of riches.

But you don’t have to move to these states, or even visit there, if you want to grab your rightful share.

All told, America has been blessed with…

“A $20-Trillion Gift of Wealth”

And although it’s already created thousands of overnight millionaires… we’re only beginning to tap its potential.

Now, you might be wondering at this point what this resource is…

It’s an abundant resource put there for America, more than any other country.

But we’ve only recently begun to realize the riches of this blessing.

“God made everything,” says Bill, a retired factory worker who struck it rich on a “Biblical Wealth Event.” He told The New York Times, “He made the minerals in the ground and the trees on top of the ground, and he put them there for a purpose. It’s in our best interest to use the resources.”

Of course, I’m talking about oil.

And specifically, America’s unprecedented oil boom.

Now, stay with me here…

Some say oil is a God-given resource.

Like other natural resources, it was put there so mankind can subjugate it.

And in 2009, during the aftermath of the market crash, America found it had HUGE oil reserves.

We found it in places we would never expect, like North Dakota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

All told, the IEA estimates there are 223 billion barrels of recoverable oil under America.

That’s over $20 trillion in oil wealth, at current prices.

And with new exploration, that number will only grow.

What are the chances that America, once dependent on oil imports, stumbled upon vast oil riches… right at the moment when it was at its darkest point?

Coincidence…? Maybe.

But consider Philippians Chapter 4, Verse 19: …God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

That’s why I consider the oil boom a blessing from our Creator. With His guidance, we uncovered this oil wealth—which has been there all along—right when we needed it the most.

And that’s according to Isaiah Chapter 45, verse 3, on page 638 of the King James Bible.

The verse reads, translated from Hebrew:

“I will shoot up to you deposits stored in valuable dungeon-type containers, so that you will know that I Am the Lord your God, who called you by name.”

The oil boom easily applies to this verse.

I’m not the only one who interprets it like that.

As a Louisiana pastor says, “The shale is a tool. In Isaiah, the Bible says the hidden treasure shall spring forth, meaning that the shale has always been there, but only for such a time when God allows it to be revealed.”

And what better time than now to unlock these oil riches?

After all, didn’t many believe God had abandoned America after the 2008 market crash?

They thought maybe America wasn’t so great anymore.

But this oil boom is changing that…

If anything, it proves…

God Still Hasn’t Given Up on America

In 2014, America will remain the biggest oil producer in the world, overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia for the top spot and making energy independence closer than ever.

Consider the implications…

  • NO more foreign oil wars
  • NO more massive trade deficits
  • And lower energy prices, which drives down prices at the pump and at the grocery store—a true relief for the poor

And we’re just at the beginning of this massive windfall…

We’ve only seen the first wave of all-new fortunes.

There’s still plenty of opportunity for everyday Americans to strike it rich.

Now, here’s the incredible part…

To join the thousands of new instant millionaires, you don’t have to own land or a drilling rig.

You don’t have to live somewhere with oil or even visit there.

To tap into America’s blessed wealth, you just need to know where the next oil discovery is. And get in right from the beginning whenever they strike it.

That brings me to…

“The Next Bakken Discovery
You Haven’t Heard About”

In a state you would never expect, not Texas or Oklahoma, the Oil & Gas Journal confirms there’s a massive amount of oil under the surface.

7 billion recoverable barrels using current drilling techniques.

The EIA considers it one of the top six shale oil fields in America.

Next to the Bakken, Eagle Ford, and Permian basins.

But unlike these more well-known oil fields, this oil play is virtually untapped.

That’s over $630 billion sitting under the ground.

And for the past five years, while everybody’s been focused on the Bakken or Eagle Ford, it’s been waiting to be unlocked.

But the wait is over…

Production is ramping up fast.

Last year, this oil field saw a record high of 169,000 barrels per day.

It’s already achieved 60% growth year over year.

But this year, it’s already more than doubled to 362,000 barrels each day.

If the Bakken is any indication, it has the potential to increase production at least 22-fold ahead.

And that’s over the next 12 months!

I’m not the only one who sees this either…

One oil CEO projects, “By next year…we may well be above 8 million barrels per day.”

That’s why the “smart money” is starting to move in.

Like Noble Energy, one of the pioneers of the Bakken, which calls this a “top-tier oil play.”

The company is investing at least $1.7 billion this year on this emerging field.

With plans to triple production over the coming years.

Then there’s the energy giant Anadarko Petroleum.

It owns 350,000 acres on this shale play, with 1.5 billion barrels of recoverable reserves.

The company is earmarking $1.5 billion, with plans to develop 150 wells this year.

Even for a behemoth like Anadarko, these are big numbers.

In other words, the time to act is NOW.

This is the ground floor of an urgent oil opportunity.

It’s perhaps the last chance to get in early on America’s shale boom.

I believe a whole new wave of millionaires will be minted in the coming months.

Some will own land.

Others will own shares of the companies that are pioneering this next boom.

And that’s how you could grab your share of these new oil riches, regardless of where you live.

The New Wave of Oil Millionaires

But if you want to make the REAL oil money—the kind that allows you to retire early on a very small stake—forget about big players like Noble Energy or Anadarko.

They’ve already turned everyday investors into millionaires.

Instead you’ll want to look to the smaller explorers.

Ones with the same potential as the big oil players that were small before the Bakken took off.

These are the new “Millionaire Makers.”

And I’ve identified one “pure play” on this oil field that could hand you 1,184% gains over the coming six months.

That’s enough to turn…

  • $1,000 into $11,840
  • $5,000 into $59,200
  • And $10,000 into $118,400

And that could be in a matter of months.

Now, this isn’t ALL about getting rich.

I doubt our Lord put the oil there so people can spend extravagantly.

That’s why he’s blessing individuals who truly need the money.

People who won’t blow it on expensive gadgets. Americans who save their money for a rainy day. They’re paying off tuition, their mortgages, and enjoying time with friends and family. They’re donating to their churches and charities.

In other words, they’re using the money for the good. Whether it’s for themselves, family, or others.

As you’ve seen, it’s these kinds of honest folk who are reaping the blessings of the Bible’s prophecy.

In just a moment, I’ll show you how you could do the same.

But first, let me disclose the unusual location of this emerging shale boom.

Government Map Reveals the
Next Site of America’s Redemption

It’s Colorado.

Now, I know that might sound a little odd.

Colorado doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of oil.

But you could have said the same thing about North Dakota before a few years ago.

And you could have said the same thing about Pennsylvania, Ohio and other areas.

But this oil boom is bringing new fortunes to areas you would never expect.

To see the proof yourself, take a look at the IEA’s map of America’s top oil plays…

The Niobrara shale formation in north Colorado is one of America’s top 7 oil plays.

In the past few years, the number of rigs has jumped 150% from 40 to 100.

In fact, it’s now ranked #4 behind the Eagle Ford, Bakken, and Permian.

But it’s not nearly as developed as these plays.

Not even close.

They’ve hardly started to unlock this oil field’s potential.

Bottom line: this presents a HUGE opportunity to repeat the millionaire growth story of the Bakken and Eagle Ford.

And it’s possibly the last.

That’s why you need to get in right now while it’s still early.

The good news is, I’ve already laid the groundwork for you.

1,184% Gains in the Next Six Months

I’ve found a Colorado-based “pure play” on this oil field.

It’s hit a 100% success rate on the wells.

Right now it holds only 19 million barrels proved reserves.

But new drilling on its holdings could drive that up to over 253 million barrels.

That’s a 1,184% jump!

In short, this play has $20.5 billion in potential new oil wealth.

And early investors can grab a piece of this for themselves.

The best part…? You can buy into it for just under $12.

But to be frank, that won’t last for long…

Months ago, I recommended my readers buy it for just over $6.

They could’ve already nearly doubled their money in no time at all. Take a look…

And while you haven’t missed out on the HUGE gains yet…

If you want to grab a slice of this oil wealth for yourself, you’ll need to act today.

To give you an idea of the wealth potential moving forward… just take a look at some of the pioneers of America’s shale oil boom.

These firms started off small. But are now big-time players, because they got in early on famous shale plays like the Eagle Ford and Bakken.

Take Continental Resources, which pioneered horizontal drilling on the Bakken and set off the oil boom.

It has soared, for 1,092% gains in just a few short years.

That’s enough to turn a grubstake of $10,000 into $119,105.

Then there’s Pioneer Natural Resources, which kicked off the Eagle Ford shale boom.

It’s handed early investors 1,743% gains in no time flat.

If you saw the wealth potential of the Eagle Ford and got in early on this groundbreaking company, you could have turned every $10,000 invested into $174,300.

Then there’s Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp., which was recently bought by Whiting Petroleum.

Early investors saw life-altering gains of 8,463%. Take a look…

If you had seen the Bakken’s amazing potential and bought this shale pioneer early, you could have turned every $10,000 invested into $856,306.

These gains are nothing short of miraculous.

The mainstream media can’t explain gains like these.

How much would that kind of money change your life and your retirement?

Well, the Colorado-based company I’m discussing today is NO different.

It’s an early pioneer on the emerging shale oil play in its own state.

It’s rapidly expanding its production and reserves.

And it holds incredible acreage on this future Bakken.

In the past three years, it’s ramped up production by 811%.

That’s an unheard of pace.

And going ahead, it should continue this breakneck growth.

To make sure this happens, the firm just added a new drilling rig.

Alongside production, it’s rapidly growing its proved reserves.

As I mentioned before, it has the potential to explode its reserves by 1,184%.

And its shares could climb just as high.

It’s positioned right now as a future Continental Resources or Kodiak Oil.

And it could turn early investors into millionaires in a very short time span.

But in order to grab the most gains for this play—the kind that could make you rich on a small investment—you need to get in immediately.

That’s why I’ve put together a complete profile, including the name and ticker symbol of this company.

And I’ve compiled all of this research in a FREE dossier:

America’s 2015 Wealth Event: How the Next Great Oil Play Could Make You Rich

I’ve made this research packet available online.

This way, you can buy into this play right now and shoot for life-altering gains.

With your permission, I’ll gladly send it to your inbox absolutely FREE.

All I ask in return is that you test-drive my research service… America’s Redemption.

How to Get in on America’s Redemption

Again, my name is Mitchell Clark.

I’m a Senior Editor here at Lombardi Publishing.

I’ve spent the last quarter-century in the financial markets.

And I’ve tracked America’s Redemption since this new era began six years ago.

At that time, most folks gave up on America because of the 2008 market crash…

And others placed their faith in Obama…

But I saw what was really going on.

I saw the HUGE implications of the new oil boom.

I read the amazing industry estimates in the oil fields.

And I saw the new technology that would unlock it.

Seeing this irrefutable proof, I could only reach one conclusion:

America was entering a period of prosperity unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

And that’s in spite of Washington and Wall Street.

Although most would have written me off to the nuthouse for saying such things…

Few would now disagree that we’re on the verge of a whole new America.

Manufacturing is returning to America, especially the manufacturing of oil.

Oil prices are heading downwards.

The trade deficit is closing.

The dollar is strengthening.

America has enough oil to power its energy needs for years and years to come.

Most importantly, everyday Americans once again have the opportunity to strike it rich.

But more so than at any other point in our nation’s history.

And these are just a few of the trends the oil boom is ushering in.

It’s unlike anything I’ve seen in my 25 years in the financial markets.

And since this began, I’ve recommended several little-known oil plays to help my readers grab their share of profits.

Here are some of the gains my picks have posted…

  • 57% on Duke Energy
  • 106% on EQT Midstream Partners
  • 53% on Westport Innovations
  • 179% on ConocoPhillips
  • 71% on DeeThree Exploration

Not to mention 99% gains on the company I’ve discussed today.

But that’s absolutely nothing compared to what I see coming down the pipeline.

There’s still TONS of potential ahead in the brand new oil plays—ones that are only starting to develop.

Oil fields like the Colorado Niobrara play I shared with you today.

It’s the exact reason why I started America’s Redemption.

We’re only beginning to tap the potential of America’s God-given oil reserves.

We’re only beginning to experience the economic miracle.

And we’re only beginning to see the new fortunes being minted.

All told, there’s still over $20 trillion in oil wealth waiting to be unlocked.

And all-new companies are the ones tapping this blessing of wealth.

According to the American Petroleum Institute, over 30,000 small and mid-size companies are leading America’s energy revolution.

These start-ups trade for $5 to $12 a share with explosive potential of 1,000% gains or more.

They’re positioned as the new Big Oil.

They’re getting in on the new shale discoveries.

They’re the first to the sites, and the first to drill.

All while Big Oil falls by the wayside.

This includes the little-known play in your FREE dossier:

America’s 2015 Wealth Event: How the Next Great Oil Play Could Make You Rich.

And that’s why I can’t share it with you right here.

You see, companies like these trade at very low volume.

And right now, tens of thousands of people like you are viewing this presentation.

If I allowed everybody in on this play, they could artificially drive the share price up.

Then the opportunity would be ruined for everybody.

That’s why I’m only allowing a handful of investors to test-drive my research service,America’s Redemption.

In fact, I’m limiting the number of new members to 100 today.

Limited Space:
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That’s the opportunity for 100 wildcatters to claim a stake in the next big oil play.

The next and maybe last shot for everyday Americans to strike it rich.

That’s why I want you to start your test-drive of America’s Redemption today.

So you can profit over and over as this new era of American prosperity unfolds.

Once you sign up…

  • You’ll get your FREE dossier: America’s 2015 Wealth Event: How the Next Great Oil Play Could Make You RichAnd you’ll get my current issue ofAmerica’s Redemption
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This is Mitchell Clark.

And God Bless!

Yours truly,

Mitchell Clark
Mitchell Clark, B. Comm.
Founder & Lead Analyst
America’s Redemption
Lombardi Publishing Corporation

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