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GM Should Shine Next Year

By Wednesday, April 12, 2006
The other evening on “60 Minutes,” Steve Croft hosted a fascinating report on General Motors, highlighting the company’s current struggles and its task ahead to return to greatness. There’s been a lot of bad news about GM so far this year and it finally occurred to me that what GM is doing is purposefully making 2006 its official transition year. Put all the bad stuff into one fiscal year, then .

Warning For Slower Growth Ahead

By Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Where’s the beef? You might remember that great advertising slogan for Wendy’s. The same question can be applied to the stock market today. Just where is the leadership in this market? The broad market indices are up around 5-year highs, but I’m worried about a few benchmark stocks. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the overall trend for stocks is positive, but I’m not super bullish because some great .

US Auto Sector In A Shift

By Tuesday, April 11, 2006
The news is out on the U.S. auto industry and there should be no surprise, especially if you have followed my columns. In March, it was reported that the two top U.S. automakers, General Motors Corp. (NYSE/GM) and Ford Motor Co. (NYSE/F) both saw its monthly sales fall.  GM saw its March sales plummet 14.6% year-over-year, its largest decline since October 2005. Ford reported a 4.5% year-over-year decline, which was .

Transmeta Not Gaining Wide Market Acceptance

By Thursday, February 9, 2006
Computer-chip maker Transmeta Corp. (NASDAQ/TMTA) is a stock that I have been following for some time. I remember all the hype back in November, 2000 when Transmeta launched its highly anticipated Initial Public Offering. At that time, there was a trend developing towards smaller computers, laptops, and PDAs. While the main computer-chip makers, Intel Corp. (NASDA/INTC) and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NYSE/AMD), focused on the desktop PC segment, Transmeta was .

A Technical Look at Gold

By Wednesday, December 14, 2005
The world seems much more yellow now. Gold bugs are dancing on the streets as the cash price of gold on the COMEX broke above $500 an ounce on November 29 for the first time since late 1987. Gold subsequently touched $507 on December 2 and looks positive.  Since bottoming out at the $250 level in 2001, gold has been on a steady tear, as demonstrated by the positive upward .

The Fuel Cell Blues

By Thursday, July 28, 2005
The other night I watched a fascinating television show on PBS. The program was “NOVA,” which regularly deals with new developments across a broad range of scientific topics. In this particular show, the topic for discussion was fuel cells for automobiles. The scientists pointed out that the current enthusiasm for fuel cells in automobiles is misguided. Their contention was that it will be decades before fuel cell vehicles will enter .

Getting the Edge

By Wednesday, July 13, 2005
The problem in this current market is that it’s way too edgy. One hint of any problem, whether minor or major, can often drive investors to the exits, selling the stock like a fire sale. Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes stocks clearly deserve the wrath of investors, but many other times they do not.  An example of this, in my opinion, is ATI Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ/ATYT), which got whacked .

74% Profit in Only 15 Days

By Monday, November 22, 2004
Here’s how to hone in on the still perfectly legal “secret” strategy used by some of Wall Street’s most conniving, most manipulative (and most successful) super-rich traders, so you too can rake in huge, over-night profits like these: 87% profit in just 22 days on Teleplus Enterprises 74% profit in only 15 days on Conspiracy Enterprises 71% profit in a mere 21 days on ActionView International 63% profit in 14 .

Morning Glory

By Saturday, May 8, 2004
Last week, I celebrated a milestone birthday… I turned the big “Four O.” Some friends told me life starts at 40, while others, jokingly I hope, commented that the years move quicker after 40. Either way, I don’t feel any different today than I did when I was in my 30s. I believe it was Joe Karbo who once said, “Use each minute before it disappears forever.” I live by .

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