Chinese Stocks

Chinese stocks are simply companies that are based and trade domestically in China and/or are also listed on foreign stock exchanges, namely the United States. Chinese stocks allow aggressive investors to buy companies where the majority of the business is in China, hence Chinese stocks are a play on the growth of China. In China, the major companies are listed on the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index.

While it’s true that China-based companies have subjected U.S. capital markets with erroneous results and reporting, it doesn’t mean you should bypass Chinese stocks—you just need to be extra careful.

The situation has improved and will get better for investors looking at Chinese stocks listed in the U.S. The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has revamped the listing requirements for Chinese companies and has forced Chinese companies looking to list in the United States to use approved auditors, along with other, tighter reporting requirements. China may not be in the spotlight for investors now, as was the case a few years back, but you cannot ignore the country. With the recent years of under performance, we see excellent risk-to-reward longer-term upside in Chinese stocks.

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