Gold Investments

Gold is used as an investment in order to reduce the overall risk on an investment portfolio. The precious metal has in the past—and continues to do so—provided investors with safety against currency devaluation; it acts as one of the best hedges against inflation and provides safety in times of uncertainty. Gold is not only used by investors to diversify their risks; central banks around the world also use the yellow metal to reduce the volatility in their foreign exchange reserves.

There are many different kinds of gold investments investors can use to protect their portfolios. They may consider buying gold bullion—in the form of bars and coins (with this, they will have to keep storage costs in mind). Investors may choose to buy gold certificates, futures contracts, or exchange-traded products (with this, they will have to keep the expiry date and other specifications in mind). They can also buy gold mining stocks to diversify their risk in their portfolio. By buying mining shares, investors have to become very knowledgeable about where the mining is being done and how much does it cost to extract one ounce of gold from the ground.

Since early 2013, gold investments haven’t performed well. This is mainly due to the lower precious metal prices. However, the fundamentals suggest that gold prices will head higher. As a result, gold-related investments will see a rise as well.

Gold Investing: Why China is Stockpiling Massive Amounts of Gold

By Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Gold InvestingDespite being abandoned by the mainstream financial world, one country has been quietly stockpiling massive quantities of gold—China. In June, Chinese gold imports from Hong Kong rose 58%, indicating strong demand in the world’s top bullion consumer. Net gold imports from Hong Kong to the mainland rose to 55.0 tonnes in July from.

How to Invest in Gold: 3 Key Ways to Invest in Gold

By Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Gold investment With many of our experts here at Profit Confidential touting gold as a wise investment at this time, readers are wondering exactly how to invest in gold. To offer some general information on this topic, here are three key ways you can invest in gold. Buying Gold Based on Portfolio Diversification Before deciding how to invest in gold, you.

Is the Gold Trade Over? Not According to These Metrics

By Thursday, February 5, 2015
Gold TradeAsk anybody about why gold was in a bull market between 2002 and 2012, and they will most likely tell you that it was due to declining interest rates. Now, if you ask anybody if gold is even worth looking at as an investment, you’ll likely be told that it’s useless and does no good for an investor’s portfolio. The rationale given for this.

Basic Supply and Demand Factors Will Drive Gold Prices Higher

By Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Basic Supply and Demand Factors Will Drive Gold PricesRegarding gold, there’s a daunting question going around these days: is the yellow metal worth buying? If you listen to the mainstream, you will hear them say it’s the worst investment possible for your portfolio. According to them, instead of protecting your wealth, this precious metal is doing the opposite. Some are going even.

Gold Market Setting Up to Reward Investors

By Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Gold Market Setting Up to Reward InvestorsI’ve been singing the same song to my readers all year: look at dips in the price of gold bullion as an opportunity to buy more of the metal. When gold fell below $1,150-an-ounce in early November and so many analysts came out with the prediction of $1,100 or $1,000-an-ounce gold, I was writing about what a bargain gold stocks had become..

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