Gold Price Trend

The gold price trend is the direction in which the overall market is moving. A bullish gold price trend is characterized by higher highs and higher lows. A bearish gold price trend is one in which there are lower highs and lower lows. With a gold price trend that is bullish, investors expect higher prices in the future and purchase gold on the hope that they will profit from this increase.

Gold Prices: Short-Term Volatility, but Bullish Long-Term

By Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gold Prices The Next Big TradeAs the bearish sentiment prevails, I continue to pay attention to the demand and supply metrics to see where gold prices are headed next. Looking at these factors, it’s clear why I’m bullish on gold.
Central Banks to Drive Gold Prices Higher
Central banks have been very active when it comes to buying gold. They have been buying since 2009 and haven’t stopped, as many suggested they would…. Read More

Top Five Reasons Why Gold Bullion Prices Will Move Even Higher

By Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Michael Lombardi’s top five reasons why gold bullion prices will move even higher.“Considering gold bullion has gone up about 500% since 2001, how can we be so sure gold bullion in not in a bubble?” This is a common question we hear from new PROFIT CONFIDENTIAL readers.
Here are our top five reasons why we believe gold bullion prices, far from being in a bubble, have much higher to move. (Also see: Answered: Can I Still Make Money Buying Gold Now?Read More

Inflation at Almost 5%…Is It Any Wonder
Dollars Buy Less and Less?

By Monday, September 19, 2011

Gold prices rising for 10 years straight…the money supply greatly expanded…the printing press for dollars running overtime…am I the only one concerned about rapid inflation? I rarely read or hear a report talking about today’s rising prices or the hyperinflation we may sustain in the years ahead. We all know prices are rising—only housing prices have remained low. Inflation is real and it is here now.

Spot Price of Gold: Why It’s
Ready to Take Off Once Again

By Thursday, June 16, 2011

So, with investment risk high and economic data showing lackluster numbers, all the market has to trade on over the near term are corporate earnings and visibility. If what companies report doesn’t make the grade, then we should be in for more downside in stocks. Things are the way they are because of a lack of austerity, both at the individual and country level. The fact of the matter is that austerity hurts, but it’s exactly what’s required over the next few years to get things back on an even keel. What goes around comes around. For far too long, governments have been borrowing on the future of their own citizens in order to get elected. It’s happened in all Western countries and now all that debt is starting to bubble over.

Where I See Great Value in This Market

By Friday, May 27, 2011

Here’s the story…

Gold prices usually travel in the opposite direction of the U.S. dollar trend. If the greenback is rising in value against a basket of other major world currencies, the price of gold has historically declined. The opposite is also true: If the U.S. dollar heads down in value, price for gold bullion rises.