Gold Stocks

Gold stocks are a speculative stock market sector specifically dealing with publicly traded gold miners and exploration companies. They fall under the category of risk-capital equity securities and, because their underlying businesses are based on a resource commodity, are mostly considered to be speculative.

Up until recently, gold stocks have been good performers on the stock market, following the spot price of gold commensurately. The current market for gold stocks is subdued due to the significant price consolidation taking place in the gold market. In addition, higher production costs on an industry-wide basis have made profitability more difficult for many gold mining companies.

Gold stocks come in all sizes and market capitalizations. Some large-cap gold miners offer shareholders quarterly dividends. Many micro-cap explorations companies are just that; they raise money to explore for gold and then come back to raise additional money if they find the precious metal in sufficient deposits to warrant building a mine.

Top 10 Gold Stocks Setting Up for Huge Rewards

By Thursday, October 8, 2015
Top_10_Gold_StocksDue to low gold prices, gold stocks have faced a significant amount of scrutiny over the past few years. Their prices have collapsed and some gold stocks don’t even exist; a few mining companies have closed their operations and filed for bankruptcy. Investors’ sentiment towards the precious metal mining stocks isn’t very optimistic.

Stanley Druckenmiller Buys $300 Million in Gold; Should You Buy, Too?

By Friday, August 21, 2015
Gold-PriceThe tumbling gold prices in recent years have made the shiny metal look down and out. However, not everyone shares the bearish view. In fact, billionaire investor Stan Druckenmiller just bought millions of shares of a gold exchange traded fund (ETF). If you are not familiar with Stan Druckenmiller, know this: he used to be the chief strategist.

Billionaire John Paulson’s Top Three Gold Stock Picks

By Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Gold Stock PicksGold mining companies are down-and-out, but John Paulson isn’t worried. The downfall in gold prices stems from sentiment rather than fundamentals. The artificially low interest rates since the Great Recession have sent the stock market and the bond market to extraordinary highs. Once markets embrace the long-awaited correction,.

Why Investing Legend David Iben Doubled Down on Barrick Gold Corporation

By Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Gold StocksThe last few years have not been kind to resource firms—especially to Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE/ABX). But with China’s stock market crash and Greece halfway out of the eurozone, now may be the perfect moment to buy gold stocks. Gold prices have dropped 11.4% over the last 12 months. The yellow metal is a safe haven asset during.

Gold Price Forecast: This Could Send Gold to $5,000

By Monday, July 6, 2015
Gold Price ForecastOver the next few months, you could make triple-digit gains in one of the world’s most hated commodities: gold. No, you won’t get rich quick. But as I’m about to show you, some of the world’s smartest investors have been quietly accumulating precious metals. And before the move is over, we could see prices more than double. Let .

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