Why This “New Swiss Bank Account” Is the Safest Way to 44% Returns

It’s the safest—but until now, completely ignored—place for your money…

Because these elite “bank accounts” pay you guaranteed 5% cash payments per annum on top of returns on capital exceeding 44%…

Before you guess, I’m not talking about Switzerland.

While the yields on 10-year U.S. Treasuries hover around 2%… yields of these “New Swiss Bank Accounts” pay you 5.1%.

And not only do you get cash payments higher than government bonds, but you also get total returns exceeding 44%!

As the Fed fueled stock market bubble gets even more risky, investors are putting their money in U.S. Treasuries…driving today’s yields below 2%.

The folks holding these “safe” U.S. Treasuries are going to get slaughtered when interest rates eventually start to rise, even if it’s a few percentage points.

There’s a tiny group of investors who are not worried about the stock market, the conflicts in Europe, the Middle-East or any other crisis.

That’s because they have their money safely tucked in these “New Swiss Bank Accounts.” At this moment, they are enjoying safety, privacy, and security, along with Treasury-busting yields of 5.1% per annum and returns on capital exceeding 44%.

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