“ODD Loophole” Creating Most New Tech Millionaires Now?

Biotech companiesBiotech companies that get “ODD” status are almost guaranteed market dominance by the FDA.

Some are just tiny new IPOs trading for under $5 and in the clinical stage of testing a new drug that’s highly urgent.

The patients this drug would treat often only have months to live.

No alternative treatments exist. And they have nowhere to turn to.

In short, these people won’t live long enough to see a drug go through the clinical trial process.

In these cases, the FDA steps in and paves the way for the new drug’s success with “ODD” status.

Afterwards, a kind of ripple effect takes place… where the companies that develop and get approval for these drugs often see their stock prices soar for potentially massive gains.

Each piece of news… announcement… or result sends shares roaring to new heights.

I’ve used the “ODD Loophole” to help me post these gains on biotech stocks:

  • 1,766% on Jazz Pharmaceuticals
  • 755% on Cambrex
  • 321% on Alkermes
  • 643% on Isis Pharmaceuticals
  • 524% on PAREXEL

This coming Tuesday, October 11, 2016, I am hosting an event whereby I reveal exactly how the “ODD Loophole” works and the companies that I believe are next to get their drugs through the FDA approval process courtesy of the “ODD Loophole.”

In particular there is one company I’m tracking right now that could soon get its essential drug approved. I expect the company’s stock to skyrocket when that happens.

Please don’t miss this exclusive event at 10:30 a.m. this coming Tuesday. To register for the presentation, all you need to do is click below.


Yours truly,

George Leong, B.Comm.
Profit Confidential