The Great Crash of 2016

Great Crash 2016If you’ve been reading Profit Confidential for a while now, you know I believe the Fed-induced stock market bubble is headed for a huge crash.

After keeping interest rates near zero for seven years,the Fed has started raising rates.

China’s economy is now growing at it’s slowest pace in a decade. Japan is back in recession. We are predicting the U.S. will enter a recession next year. Many parts of the Eurozone remain in a depression.

Collapsing oil prices and commodity prices are resulting in millions of job losses throughout the world.

As for the stock market, this is the first year since 2008 where the market hasn’t moved higher in the first half of the year.

While I believe the overpriced and overvalued stock market is putting in a huge top here in 2015, the evidence now says a market crash even bigger than what happened in 2008 is headed our way…

…the ramifications of which will hit the economy and Americans deeper than what happened during the Credit Crisis of 2008.

I feel so strongly this is going to happen that I’ve produced a video to warn investors called, “The Great Crash of 2016.”

Many investors will find my next prediction hard to believe until they see all the proof I have to back it up.

I urge you to be among the first to get my next major prediction.