Triple Your Money in a Month?

Any stocks in your portfolio double or triple in the past few years?

I had 37 of them.

I picked 37 stocks that either doubled, tripled, even quadrupled in price. And this year was a bad year for me compared to other years! If you had put $5,000 into the pharmaceutical stock I recommended way back in 2010, you’d now be sitting on 52,378 today.

And that’s just from one stock! Here’s more.

If you had invested $5,000 into the online ad agency I recommended, that $5,000 would have turned into $69,772. If you had invested $5,000 into the business software company I uncovered, that $5,000 would have turned into $65,659.50. With just those three stocks, you could have turned $15,000 into $187,809.50!

There’s much more.

By the way, those astounding profit figures shown above are all real. I don’t know of any investment advisor today giving their readers these kinds of huge profits.


Had you invested $5,000 in just the twelve stocks we recommended below, your total investment would be $60,000 and you’d have $692,817 today.

Here’s the breakdown of how these incredible profits piled up:

4,745.20% GAIN: Equinix (EQIX)

• $2.50 stock runs up to $121.13 ($5,000 grows to $242,260)

1,295.44% GAIN: Valueclick (VCLK)

• $2.63 stock goes to $36.70 ($5,000 grows to $69,772)

1,213.19% GAIN: Synaptics (SYNA)

• $4.70 stock shoots to $61.72 ($5,000 grows to $65,659)

1,189.13% GAIN: Priceline (PCLN)

• $9.66 stock zooms to $124.53 ($5,000 grows to $64,456)

1,160.00% GAIN: GigaMedia, Ltd. (GIGM)

• $2.00 stock flies to $25.20 ($5,000 grows to $63,000)

906.80% GAIN: Omnivision Tech (OVTI)

• $2.50 stock goes to $25.17 ($5,000 grows to $50,340)

697.13% GAIN: Gamestop (GME)

• $8.00 stock soars to $63.77 ($5,000 grows to $39,856)

212.63% GAIN: NetGear (NTGR)

• $13.22 stock spurts to $41.33 ($5,000 grows to $15,631)

Fact is, we’re pulverizing every investment guru out there, and not just this year either. Our track record shows we deliver big money for my readers. But this is the first time I’m offering my wealth-building advice daily.