William D. Gann turned $150 into $12,500 in one month.

When I heard the story of William D. Gann, I was skeptical too.

After all, he started with no family money and nothing but a small stake of a couple hundred dollars…

But after making a remarkable discovery of how the markets work, he took just $150 and grew it…fast.

He turned it into $12,500 in one month.

He took the profits—without investing any new money—and began growing it month after month.

Within a few short years, he had accumulated a $500 million fortune!

Few investors know this story, or how he achieved such success investing in stocks…

…but it’s the single greatest accomplishment of wealth creation in the history of the markets.

If you want to retire rich, no matter what your starting stake, I urge you to read about his remarkable discovery and how can you take advantage of it yourself.