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The unprecedented collapse of the U.S. housing market since 2005–is it opportunity or does more risk lie ahead? In our daily Profit Confidential e-letter, we regularly comment on the U.S. housing market, offering our real estate investment analysis. Is it time to buy real estate? Where are housing prices headed? In 2005 we begged our readers to exist the U.S. housing market. It was the best real estate investment guidance we ever offered. Today, we regularly follow housing prices in major American cities, foreclosure rates, interest rates and the home building stocks to continue offering our readers timely real estate investment analysis. If you are thinking about buying a vacation home, invest in rental property or simply looking for the best time to make your move in this market, look to Profit Confidential for timely real estate investment analysis.

Your Goal in 2011: As Ridiculous as it Sounds, Buy a Property

By for Profit Confidential

Does anyone really care about the housing market anymore? The banks and developers that got stuck care. But the public doesn’t and that’s something I like.

Figures released Wednesday by the U.S. Commerce Department show that sales of new homes fell 8.1% in October to an annualized rate of 283,000—close to a 47-year low. Existing home sales did just as bad. According to the National Association of Realtors, sales of existing homes in the U.S. fell 26% in October 2010 from October 2009.

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