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Risk and Reward

The concept of risk and reward is based on the premise that to achieve a higher expected reward on investments, you need to increase the risk you take. For instance, the risk and reward of a small-cap growth stock is higher than a Dow stock.

Creating the Ultimate Profitable and Diverse Portfolio

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Creating the Ultimate Profitable and Diverse PortfolioI was having dinner with a friend the other day and the discussion moved to the concept of risk and reward.

My friend Sam couldn’t understand why he was underperforming the S&P 500 despite owning shares like The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE/PG), General Electric Company (NYSE/GE), Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE/WFC), and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ/INTC).

My immediate response was that his portfolio lacked growth stocks, instead focusing on large-cap dividend paying stocks. These are excellent long-term companies, but for that added push in returns, you need to look at small-cap stocks and the risk and reward growth opportunities.

Sam said he added Intel for growth. Of course, my response was that Intel was dead money at this time and is not the growth stock it used to be prior to the drive in the mobility space that it missed. I suggested I would be adding tech plays that focused on the mobility market, as that is where the money will likely be made over the next few years as the sector blossoms.

So I told Sam to add some NASDAQ 100 stocks for some added risk and reward growth, along with some small-cap stocks to help drive an otherwise boring portfolio.

Diversification and risk and reward are key to a good portfolio, regardless of the market conditions. I don’t really like mining stocks or gold, but you should have some nonetheless, especially now with the threat of the war intensifying in Syria.

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