Stocks that double in two days no matter what the stock market is doing

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We recommended a small, relatively unknown stock called SafePay Solutions.  Within two days, this stock went up 142%

The stock more than doubled in two days!

Next, we picked another little-known company called China 3C Group.  Within two days, this stock jumped 103%.

The second recommendations more than doubled in two days as well!

When a gambler in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or any other casino hits the jackpot with a big paying slot machine, he’s hit the proverbial payload.

Just like a jackpot, payload stocks are poised to explode out of Wall Street’s starting gate and deliver a never-ending rush of profits.

In the short run, when it comes to payload stocks versus the rest of the stock market, there’s simply no contest.  If you knew which slot machines had just been tanked up with cash, you would make screaming profits faster than you ever dreamed possible.  But, you’d have to get to the machine fast.  It’s all about those sudden bursts of money.

Our Payload Stocks newsletter employs an entirely new concept in identifying stocks that are about to explode with profits.

Just look at some of our past winners and you’ll see what I’m talking about:

  • Profit of 111.11% on CTEX in 2 days
  • Profit of 285.71% on MPWE in 4 days
  • Profit of 141.94% on SFPS in 2 days
  • Profit of 94.60% on WMFG in 3 days
  • Profit of 103.13% on CHCG in 2 days
  • Profit of 93.33% on AGSI in 3 days

Our payload system of super fast stock profits takes advantage of an overlooked early indicator of near-term stock appreciation that’s deadly consistent! It’s so fiendishly unfair to all who don’t have it that it barely seems legal. But I assure you it is totally legal and all based on information available to anyone who has the energy to ferret it out!

I’m not exaggerating… nor am I overhyping when I tell you this is something truly different. As soon as I explain why this early indicator almost always foretells a huge, fast rise in a stock’s trading price, you’re going to agree that it seems almost too good to be true.

It’s so obvious (once you see it) and such a no-brainer that you’re going to wonder why you never thought of this yourself, and why every savvy investor isn’t taking advantage of it to rake in (with clock-like predictability) huge profits!

You can use this ingenious and mostly undiscovered “new wrinkle” to get the jump on Wall Street, and you’ll get in early on the kinds of fast-moving penny stocks that can easily grow your money, not by the 15% to 20% that the more optimistic talking heads are hoping for in this year’s market, but by the 200%… 300%… and even 1,000% gains and more that could turn $10,000 into a small fortune!

A stock-alert system so ingeniously simple and so straightforward,
you’re going to kick yourself for not thinking of it on your own

Okay… here it is… the practically fool-proof, early-indicator that’s been the giveaway signal that the stocks we’ve tracked were on the verge of explosive profits:

When a little-known micro-cap company retains a top-tier investor-relations firm to promote the company… or when the company announces a reverse takeover is taking place (which almost always results in new management coming in)… or when that new private placement comes in for debt restructuring or major investment… it’s as close to a guarantee as possible that new blood is brewing at these companies and that their stock price is about to take off!

An investor-relations firm being hired by a micro-cap stock is a perfect example. An investor-relations firm gets paid handsomely to do one thing: drive up the near-term price of a client’s stock. It’s like an ad agency or a PR firm, but instead of peddling soap, breakfast cereal, or automobiles, its mission (in the words of one investor-relations firm) is to draw the attention of stockbrokers, analysts, institutional decision-makers, fund managers, and significant private investors to the market potential of a client’s stock.

Think about it; what we’re talking about is perfectly legal! And, if you know when a promising but little-known company retains a top-tier investor-relations firm to drive up its stock price – you’re almost guaranteed fast and significant profits. It’s just that simple. It really is a “license to steal!”

Is it really legal?

It’s perfectly legitimate for a corporation to retain an investor-relations firm to flood Wall Street with a carefully crafted awareness-building campaign. Who do you think gets all those CEOs on the morning financial shows?

On the other hand, it’s totally illegal for the employees of either the hiring company or the investor-relations firm to buy stock, because they know a contract is about to be announced – that’s insider trading. But, when the contracts become a matter of public record, the name of the game becomes, “Who knows about it first?”

And therein lies the rub.

Run the words “investor relations” through your favorite search engine, and you’ll come up with something like 8,400,000 related sites. We’ve developed a system for cutting through the clutter, which lets us know instantly when a top-tier investor-relations firm has signed a new contract in order to tout a company’s stock.

We’ve already done the homework to know which investor-relations firms have the best record of success. And, we overlay that information with a careful look at a target company’s technical and fundamental data before making a recommendation. Remember, the most successful investor-relations firms won’t take on a dog. They want to protect their own record, so by sticking with the winning companies, we greatly increase our odds of success, too.

The record shows that when these deals are done, there is usually a lag before the work of the investor-relations experts kicks in and stock prices go up. In the meantime, the general investing public hasn’t paid much attention. But, as the news trickles out, savvy, in-the-know investors begin to suck up these payload stocks. By definition, we’re talking about little-known, mostly micro-cap companies that are way below Wall Street’s radar.

The few investors who are on to this have been making a killing buying stock in companies that have recently closed deals with top investor-relations firms; the companies that are fully loaded and getting ready to explode with incredibly fast profits.

That’s what this is all about – making sure you are among the first to know when a promising, but still undiscovered, stock is about to take a rocket ride, thanks to a newly inked deal with a prominent investor-relations firm. And, when the stock starts moving… we’re out of there! We don’t need to be greedy; we don’t need to time the sale at the absolute top. We know these payload stocks have the potential for a quick 50% to 100% profit when their new investor-relations campaign kicks in, and that’s all we care about.

Their job is to (legally) kite the stock!
And top investor-relations firms accept only probable winners!

There are some very effective, very creative, very high-priced investor-relations firms out there that specialize in beating the drum for the expressed purpose of driving up a company’s stock price. They make no bones about it… “If you want to drive up the price of your stock… hire us!”

Sift through the claims and promises of some of the top investor-relations firms on the Internet, and here’s what you’ll find…

  • “Our focus is on the near-term price performance of our client’s stock.”
  • “Our mission is to empower enterprises with an effective, proactive approach to increasing market valuations.” Translation: we’re going to drive your stock price through the roof!
  • “We bring an emerging company into the investor limelight by using strategically on-target conference calls, road shows, media events and TV appearances, customized collateral materials, and by facilitating effective management interaction with stockbrokers, analysts, institutional decision makers, and top-tier private investors across the nation.”

In other words, they’re going to sell the heck out of a company’s stock!

They’re going to use every professional trick in the book to paint a pretty picture… get out the word… and employ the kind of all-out media blitz that, for example, took Krispy Kreme from (adjusted for splits) being a $2.50 stock, when it went public, to a trading price of over $50.

That’s a gain of 1,900% during one of the worst three-year periods in stock market history. If you watched the morning financial shows on TV, you’d remember how frequently you saw the talking heads devouring free Krispy Kreme donuts. While Krispy Kreme is old news now, it was a classic investor-relations promo that propelled the stock.

Investor-relations campaigns have long been an established strategy for most big corporations attempting stock consolidation or reverse takeovers, but with a big-cap corporation, a new contract is not likely to have the kind of mega impact on the stock that could turn $10,000 into $100,000.

But, for the small- or micro-cap company that is virtually unknown in the investment community, the signing on of an investor-relations firm can signal an explosive rise in the company’s stock price.

Look what happened to their stock prices when — thanks in no small part to the aggressive campaigns of their investor-relations firms – these small-caps were discovered by Wall Street:

  • You could have bought shares in 24/7 Real Media Inc. for as little as $0.19––if you were right about timing––and sold them at $2.49 for a gain of 1,210%!
  • A small-cap by the name of Tripath Tech had a low of $0.16 and a high of $8.65. Again, with the right timing, you could have stashed a profit of 5,306%!
  • The stock of Intrusion Inc. went from $0.12 to $1.38––a profit of 1,050%!
  • Within 52 weeks, the stock of a software company named Brooktrout Inc. went from $4.61 to as high as $17.20, which translates to a profit of 273%.
  • Another small-cap software company, Jacada Ltd., saw its stock soar from a low of $1.20 to a high of $4.73 for a gain of 294%.

Remember, those top-tier, hot-shot investor-relations guys won’t touch a loser company. They take on only the companies that have a realistic shot at success––the ones with a solid business model, reasonable financing, experienced management, and a legitimate market niche. The good investor-relations firms won’t risk failure by taking on a shaky company. So, by following what the superstars of the investor-relations world are doing, you’ve already stacked the odds in your favor.

Now, think what could happen if you buy shares of these most promising, new small- and micro-cap companies just as they sign contracts with top investor-relations firms to “enhance the near-term performance of their client’s stock!” You’ll be taking advantage of two powerful profit strategies:

  • Small- and micro-cap stocks have the potential to explode with the kind of 100%… 350%… even 1,000% and greater gains you just won’t get with an established mid- or large-cap company.
  • Stocks of companies that sign on with the elite investor-relations firms often enjoy significant gains within months of the contract signing.

The Payload Stocks Report is a combination monthly newsletter and telephone/e-mail hotline service that tells you what promising micro- and small-cap companies have just signed contracts with the best investor-relations firms.

We maintain a close monitor on top-tier investor-relations firms… and by combing the thousands of investor-relations web sites used to self-publicize when a firm acquires a new client.

We make it our business to know which investor-relations firms have brand-new clients, and we also rank the more than hundreds of firms in the business. We know which investor-relations firms are the winners, which have the best track record when it comes to driving up the value of a client’s stock, and what they’re doing now.

We’re currently tracking the price appreciation of many individual stocks, from the time a company signs on with an investor-relations firm––so we know how good any given IR firm is at spotting potential winners (and eliminating certain losers)––and how effective it is at running up a stock’s trading price. And now you can know, too!

Our other big focus is reverse takeovers. When many of these micro-caps announce a reverse takeover, or an injection of new “big” money, we know the management of the companies also often changes. New blood, new ideas, new businesses… all often lead to rising stock prices.

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You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to get rich with the Payload Stocks Report. All of the stocks we recommend are small- and micro-cap stocks. Many of these stocks are trading for under $10 dollars when we recommend them. That means more bang for your buck. Instead of buying 100 shares of a blue-chip like GE, you could buy 3,000 shares of one of our typical payload stocks for the same amount of money.

You’d be fortunate indeed to see a stock like GE or a Citibank enjoy a 20% or 30% rise in its stock price over the course of a year. But, in the same year, you might have your money in a half- dozen payload stocks – each of which has the potential to give you a 50% to 100% boost.

Right now, we’re following only a handful of open stocks. Payload Stocks Report is a monthly advisory, and typically, since we hold a stock for about 30 to 60 days, you’ll get two to three new recommendations each month.

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Click on the link below and not only will you save $100 (you pay just $295 instead of the regular $395), but you’ll also receive FREE access to our recorded hotline and e-mail alerts where you can hear about the latest recommendations before they reach you by mail.

Over the course of a year, any given dollar of your money can be in 10 or 12 payload stocks. If you enjoy only a 50% gain on each stock, that would work out to a 600% annual increase. That’s our goal. And given our short-term horizon, you will to be able to see for yourself whether that’s realistic or not in only a few months of following our advice.

The regular cost of a full year of the Payload Stocks Report is $395, but, if you act now, you can sign on for a 12-month trial and pay just $295, a savings of $100 off the regular rate. If you’re not a total convert, if you haven’t racked up the kinds of gains we’ve been talking about, you can cancel at any time for a no-questions-asked refund on all unmailed issues.

You can’t go wrong! Follow our recommendations on paper if you like, and you won’t risk a penny. The only way you can lose is by doing nothing. So right now, while you’re thinking about it, click on the link below and complete the Trial Certificate. Either way, you’ll get a full 12 months of our service with our iron-clad guarantee that, if you don’t agree this is the most ingenious and effective new stock-picking idea you’ve ever seen, you can cancel at any time for a full and prompt refund of your undelivered issues.

Don’t wait. Don’t settle for the “pretty good” gains that most investors are enjoying in this market. You can do much better. Whether the market takes off at a torrid pace or cools off, the penny stocks of companies that sign on with the world’s best investor relations firms will continue to enjoy spectacular profits.

Moe Zulfiqar
Moe Zulfiqar, BAS
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P.S. Because the stocks we recommend are undiscovered and thinly traded, we are limiting our service to just 2,000 subscribers. In so doing, we hope to limit the kind of sudden buying surge that could drive a stock up before all our subscribers have an equal opportunity to act. Your profits will come not from the pressure created by our service, but rather as the result of investor awareness created by the world’s best investor-relations firms. We expect the 2,000 subscriptions to be taken fast. To avoid disappointment, be certain that you act today.

How Payload Stocks Works
The success of Payload Stocks has to do with the Internet and the speed at which information is now made available to retail investors. Our goal at Payload Stocks is simple: We want to get into small- and micro-cap stocks when the companies hire new and well-known investor-relations firms, and when they do reverse takeovers, stock consolidations, or bring new money in. We want to get out of a stock once it starts being heavily promoted, as evidenced by improved trading volume and stock liquidity. Is this legal? Yes, 100%. If you do a search at for “investor relations,” your search will deliver 8,430,000 sites all related to the words “investor relations.” We comb these sites and newswire services daily, looking for new companies that have been added to the list of stocks being promoted via investor relations. Again, via the Internet, we check out how these investor-relations firms have fared in the past with other stocks they have represented. We couple this information with technical and fundamental data on the companies to make our own intelligent decision on which stocks could have a superior run-up in stock price because of their newly hired investor-relations or business-development firm.

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