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How to Invest in Gold: 3 Key Ways to Invest in Gold

By Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Gold investment With many of our experts here at Profit Confidential touting gold as a wise investment at this time, readers are wondering exactly how to invest in gold. To offer some general information on this topic, here are three key ways you can invest in gold. Buying Gold Based on Portfolio Diversification Before deciding how to invest in gold, you may first want to consider how much of your portfolio should .

Is the Gold Trade Over? Not According to These Metrics

By Thursday, February 5, 2015
Gold TradeAsk anybody about why gold was in a bull market between 2002 and 2012, and they will most likely tell you that it was due to declining interest rates. Now, if you ask anybody if gold is even worth looking at as an investment, you’ll likely be told that it’s useless and does no good for an investor’s portfolio. The rationale given for this argument generally includes the sentiment that .

Spot Gold Is Going Down, But Attractive
Stock Market Opportunities Are Going up

By Monday, May 14, 2012
precious metalsThe stock market and a number of commodities are in correction and this is no surprise at all. I want to repeat my view that all kinds of solid, growing gold mining companies are becoming very attractively priced right now and, as a sector, it’s worth putting gold stocks on your radar screen. It’s a bit too early to jump right in with the spot price of gold likely to .

Best Play for 2012: The Gold Mining Stocks

By Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Over the past three trading days, gold bullion has lost roughly $100.00 an ounce. This correction is good medicine! The speculators who got into gold late are being taught a lesson. The weak money is leaving gold. This is exactly the type of healthy correction in the 10-year bull market in gold that I’ve been waiting for!

10-year Strategy of Buying Gold Stocks When Gold Bullion Moves Lower in Price Still Working

By Friday, November 18, 2011
There is one strategy investors have (or at least this investor has) been following for 10 years to make money in this treacherous market. The strategy is quite elementary. Every time the price of gold bullion moves down three percent, I like to go in and buy more gold-related investments. This strategy has worked for 10 years and I still see the opportunity continuing in buying gold stocks when the yellow metal has sharp, one-day corrections.

Investing in Gold with a Spot Price Near its Record—Time to Buy High & Sell Higher

By Thursday, November 10, 2011
In turns out that gold stocks are resuming their upward price trend in an environment where the spot price is ticking close to its all-time record. Gold stocks are the place to be if you’re a stock market speculator and if you believe that investing in gold will be fruitful in a slow growth environment. Nobody can with any real expertise predict where the spot price of gold will trade in the future, but all the fundamentals continue to line up. Investing in gold is something that I really believe in.

Precious Metals Mergers About to Take Off

By Friday, October 21, 2011
Gold bugs are feeling the pain, as precious metals continue with their slower-economic-growth correction. As well, the prospect of action on the Europe debt crisis is tempering the marketplace’s appetite for gold futures. My view is that gold and silver continue to represent some of the most attractive assets going forward over the next several years. We’re in a market where new trends take a long time to develop and we’ll likely see the spot price of gold trade around $1,600 an ounce for quite a while yet.

Answered: Can I Still Make
Money Buying Gold Now?

By Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Most investors likely fall into one of these three categories: They likely haven’t bought gold investments yet and they are thinking it may be too late to get in. Or they have bought gold investments and they are wondering if they should by more at these prices. Or, like me, they take as many opportunities as possible to buy more gold investments each time the price of gold bullion pulls back.

Gold: Getting Ready for
the Coming Correction

By Friday, September 2, 2011
I’ve learned many things about investing over a career that has spanned 30 years. One of the biggest lessons is that not a single investment goes either straight up or straight down. When an investment is rising in price (bull market), there are usually dips and corrections on the way up. Just look at the long-term secular bull market in stocks that started in the early 1980s and ended in 2007—there were many times stocks “took it on the chin” during that 25-year bull market run.

The Best Bet in Town—Resources—Getting Ready for the Big Squeeze

By Monday, August 29, 2011
The key in this bear market with stocks is to stick with resource stocks if you’re a speculator. I like large, blue-chip companies that pay high dividends for long-term investors. For risk-capital equity traders, the best action remains with gold stocks, and some of the best value now is in oil.

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