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The 5 Top Dividend Stocks to Watch in August 2015

By Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Dividend StocksIf you’re seeking remarkable high-dividend gains, it would be worthwhile to check out the contenders for our top dividend stocks for August 2015. With this many uncertainties surrounding the equity markets, I doubt that many companies will be able to increase their dividends for a while. Under these circumstances, many firms intend to retain their cash-in-hand rather than paying it to their shareholders. I identified these five dividend stocks that .

The Richest Person in Every U.S. State in 2015

By Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Wealthiest American 2015Who’s the wealthiest person in your state? If you’re curious about the top earners in the United Stat-s, Forbes just released a state-by-state breakdown of America’s richest individuals. Readers will probably recognize some famous names like Nebraska-based Warren Buffett, California’s Larry Ellison, and Washington’s Bill Gates. But there are plenty of less recognizable figures that made the cut. Take Anne Cox Chambers from Georgia, whose privately-held Cox Enterprises brings her .

Wal-Mart Misses Earnings Estimates; U.S. Economy in Trouble?

By Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Wall-Mart ReportsOn Tuesday, May 19, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE/WMT) released its earnings report for the quarter ended April 30, 2015. Its earnings per share (EPS) are $1.03, lower than the expected $1.04. Quarterly revenue is reported at $114.82 billion, lower than last year’s $114.96 billion. (Source: Wal-Mart, May 19, 2015.) Upon the news, Wal-Mart’s stock price dropped more than 2.1% to $78.20 in pre-market trading. Wal-Mart’s Earnings Hurt by Strong Dollar .

Wal-Mart Sales Concerns Bad Sign for Retail Sector This Holiday Season?

By Friday, November 14, 2014
Bad Sign for Retail Sector This Holiday SeasonIn two weeks from today, all eyes will be on Black Friday and the official beginning of the holiday shopping season, which for some in the retail sector is the most critical time of the year. While I do expect consumers to be out and spending in full force, I’m not sure about the retail sector and margins. The decline in gasoline prices should help add some money to the .

These Poor 3Q Earnings Reports Foretell 2015’s Economy

By Friday, October 31, 2014
Poor 3Q Earnings Reports Foretell 2015’s EconomyAccording to research by UC Berkeley, in 2012, the top one percent of income earners in the U.S. earned 22.5% of all the income. The bottom 90%, on the other hand, earned less than 50% of all the income. (Source: Pew Research Center, January 7, 2014.) Income inequality in the U.S. economy is the highest it has been since 1928. The rich are getting richer, and the poor are seeing .

Two Important Economic Signals to Share with My Readers This Morning

By Monday, August 25, 2014
U.S. Consumer Confidence CollapsingA good gauge for me on how consumers in the U.S. economy are faring has always been the statistics coming out of Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE/WMT) reported its operating income in its second quarter (ended July 31, 2014) declined by 2.4%. Its subsidiary, Sam’s Club (wholesale store), saw its operating income, after taking out fuel, decline by 10.2%. (Source: Wal-Mart Stores Inc., August 14, 2014.) For its entire 2015 .

How It Pays to Play the Momentum Stocks

By Friday, August 1, 2014
Why Making This Mistake Was a Good MoveI have been following social media company Twitter, Inc. (NYSE/TWTR) since the stock debuted to heightened fanfare on November 7, 2013. The hyped-up momentum play spiked to just over $74.00 on superlative enthusiasm and pure insanity, prior to its subsequent sell-off. I must admit that Twitter intrigued me as a trade but only if the stock price broke below $30.00, as I have suggested in these pages before. Well, on .

Flight to Safety Rewarding These Top Stocks

By Friday, June 13, 2014
Investors' Flight to Safety Putting These Stocks on TopMy dad is earning a few percentage points on his fixed-income yields. Fortunately for him, that’s sufficient to live on when combined with his monthly pension and savings. He has no mortgage and lives a pretty normal, but somewhat frugal life. In fact, Dad has always favored the fixed-income market for his investments as he doesn’t like risk. But for many Americans, the need for an ample flow of income .

Why the Chinese Economic Slowdown Matters

By Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Chinese Economy to See Black Swan Type EventUnderstanding the economic slowdown in the Chinese economy is very important because not only does it impact American companies doing business there, but what happens in the Chinese economy—now the second-largest economy in the world—affects the global economy. While media outlets tell us the Chinese economy will grow by about seven percent this year (30% below the 10% the economy has been growing annually over the past few years), the .

The Opportunity Coming to the Luxury Retail Stocks

By Friday, February 28, 2014
The Pros and Cons I See in the Retail Sector Right NowWe all know how bad this winter has been so far. The harsh weather across the majority of the country has impacted jobs growth, commerce, housing, and consumer spending. Of course, with the spring season on the horizon, we’ll soon see if the weak economic metrics mentioned were really an aberration due to the weather—or a sign of further slowing to come. From what I can tell right now, we .
Aug. 31, 2015
Trailing 12-month EPS for Dow Jones companies (Most Recent Quarter) $1014.15
Trailing 12-month Price/earnings multiple (Most Recent Quarter)


Dow Jones Industrial Average Dividend Yield 2.71%
10-year U.S. Treasury Yield 2.14%

Immediate term outlook:
The bear market rally in stocks that started in March 2009, extended because of unprecedented central bank money printing, is coming to an end. Gold bullion is up $1,000 an ounce since we first recommended it in 2002 and we are still bullish on the physical metal.

Short-to-medium term outlook:
World economies are entering their slowest growth period since 2009. The Chinese economy grew last year at its slowest pace in 24 years. Japan is in recession. The eurozone is in depression. With almost half the S&P 500 companies deriving revenue outside the U.S., slower world economic growth will negatively impact revenue and earnings growth of American companies. Domestically, America’s gross domestic product grew by only a meager 2.3% in the second quarter, which will negatively impact an already overpriced equity market.


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