What Are The Best Stocks?

Lombardi Publishing was originally established in 1986 as an investment newsletter publisher offering stock market guidance and analysis to its readers. Today, we publish 25 paid-for investment letters most of which provide stock market guidance with the ultimate gold of determining what are the best stocks to own at any given point in the economic cycle. Profit Confidential is our daily free e-letter that goes to all our Lombardi Financial customers and to any investor who wishes to opt-in in to receive it. Written by Lombardi Financial editors who have been analyzing the stock market for years, Profit Confidential provides a macro-picture on where the stock market is headed, what sectors are hot, what sectors to avoid and what are ultimately the best stocks to own. Our two most recent and popular calls were telling investors to bail from stocks in 2007 and telling investors to jump back into the stock market in March of 2009. Timely stock market guidance that worked well for the Profit Confidential family of readers.