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We all know the importance of data integrity and confidentiality, especially when it comes to financial details and any sensitive personal information which is susceptible to misuse, fraud, or theft. But, unfortunately, we do have cases of data leaks happening, although there are legal penalties that can be imposed on…

By Profit Confidential Editorial Desk | December 12th, 2017


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DRYS Stock: Another Epic Move Toward Higher prices? DryShips Inc. (NASDAQ:DRYS) stock is an investment that everybody loves to hate, and for good reason. This investment has been a case of much distress for any investor who decided that DRYS stock was ever a good long-term investment. DryShips stock has lost 99%…

By Patrick Brik CFA, BAS | December 11th, 2017
Teladoc Stock

TDOC Stock: This Pattern Speaks Volumes I am watching Teladoc Inc (NYSE:TDOC) stock because there is a technical price pattern that is being painted on the TDOC stock chart. Once this pattern is complete, it will suggest that substantially higher Teladoc stock prices are on the horizon, which is as good…

By Patrick Brik CFA, BAS | December 11th, 2017