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Meat-Alternative Stocks Are Worth Watching For investors, there's a wealth of opportunity in the meat-alternative sector. Market research company The NPD Group, Inc wrote that 18% of Americans have been attempting to consume less meat, opening up market opportunities for meat alternatives. (Source: “Beyond Meat’s stock surges to all-time high,”…

By Stephen Karmazyn, BA | January 27th, 2020

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CDC Says Illegal Products Responsible for Hospitalizations Here's some good news for investors in vaping stocks. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently admitted that the rash of lung injuries that started in the summer of 2019 were linked almost exclusively to illegal marijuana vapes, not legal…

By John Whitefoot, BA | January 22nd, 2020
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Cannabis Dispensary Stocks a Compelling Subgroup for Growth Despite some analysts predicting that the legal cannabis market could eventually be worth $500.0 billion, we’re not quite there yet. The marijuana industry is still in its infancy and is experiencing growing pains. One subcategory that has been performing exceptionally well—and is…

By John Whitefoot, BA | January 21st, 2020

CBD Stocks Jump as U.S. Moves Toward Legalizing CBD Products The U.S. took another big step forward in the march toward federal marijuana legalization. On January 13, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, along with co-sponsors from both the Democrats and the Republicans, filed Bill 5587. (Source: “H.R.5587 - To amend the Federal…

By John Whitefoot, BA | January 20th, 2020

U.S. Marijuana Stocks Set to Surge I've been bullish on the pot industry for years now. But I have to say that we may soon be entering the most profitable time in the industry's life cycle. That's because federal U.S. marijuana legalization is closer than it has ever been. This…

By Stephen Karmazyn, BA | January 20th, 2020

Looking for Astronomical Gains From Tech Stocks? Read This If you are looking for multibagger opportunities—investments that can provide a return of 100% or more—the technology sector is one of the best places to start. Over the years, there has been no shortage of tech stocks delivering triple-digit returns to…

By Jing Pan, B.Sc, MA | January 16th, 2020