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To fully understand what Ethereum is, you need to know a little about blockchain, a word that cryptocurrency followers have been taking for granted. The easiest way to explain blockchain is with an analogy from your daily life. If cryptocurrency is e-mail, blockchain is the Internet. What Is Ethereum? At…

By Mohan Garikiparithi | December 16th, 2017
Brooks Automation Stock

Brooks Automation Stock Rises on High Growth   Today’s stock represents one of our preferred strategy of investing in stocks, which promises above-average returns to investors—investing in picks-and-shovels stocks. These picks-and-shovels stocks cater to the prevailing technology trends and such companies provide essential products and services that enjoy strong demand.…

By Mukta Samtani | December 15th, 2017
Quotient Technology Stock

Quotient Technology's Strong Risk-to-Reward Makes for an Intriguing Look Digital marketing has become critical for companies looking to expand their online presence. A small-cap digital solutions stock that looks intriguing after a recent period of selling is Quotient Technology Inc (NYSE:QUOT), down 25% over the past three months and up 12%…

By George Leong, B.Comm. | December 15th, 2017


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Akamai Technologies Stock

Akamai Stock Can Overcome Prevailing Challenges Today’s stock represents another of our favorite strategies of investing in growth stocks. This involves picking businesses that are dominating players in their industry and stand to gain from the rise of everything digital. Such stocks have the potential to post above-average returns as…

By Mukta Samtani | December 14th, 2017