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18 Jan 2018
This Is WHY I am Anticipating Higher Baidu Stock Prices
BIDU Stock: Indications Support the Notion of Higher Stock Prices I am focusing on Baidu Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ: BIDU) stock because I have the inclination to...
18 Jan 2018
Litecoin Price Forecast: The “Chikun” Rises from the Dead as Koreans Come to the Rescue
Daily Litecoin News Update The Koreans are rejoicing and so is the rest of the crypto-world. The air of uncertainty around the ban is finally...
18 Jan 2018
Ethereum Price Forecast: ETH Surges 20% After Bitcoin Futures Settle
Ethereum News Update All this week, a dark cloud hung over cryptocurrency markets. It was caused by the first batch of Bitcoin futures contracts coming...
18 Jan 2018
Will Cryptocurrencies Recover? Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin
The crypto carnage has come to a halt for the time being, and everyone is busy assessing the damage done. The top digital currencies—Bitcoin, Ethereum,...
18 Jan 2018
Ripple Price Forecast: XRP Jumps 43% as Korean Narrative Winds Down
Ripple News Update Over the last week, South Korea and Ripple were inextricably linked over the subject of regulation. Korea was on the verge of...
18 Jan 2018
Cannabis Stocks: A Correction in Canopy Growth Stock Is Likely
TWMJF Stock: Implications Are Widespread Marijuana stocks as a whole posted exquisite performance numbers last year, and 2018 has started off on the right foot....
17 Jan 2018
Ethereum Price Forecast: 5 Things More Important Than ETH Price Crash
Ethereum News Update Until yesterday, Ethereum prices were holding up (better than most) against the raging tide of pessimism. But the dam broke on Tuesday,...
17 Jan 2018
Litecoin Price Forecast: Follow These Tips to Survive the LTC Crash
Litecoin News Update It is no longer just a market correction. The cryptocurrency market is crashing. There’s no milder way to put it now. It’s...
17 Jan 2018
Ripple Crash 2018: Should I Hold or Sell My XRP Amid Cryptocurrency Crash?
Facing the Great Cryptocurrency Crash of 2018  The moment of truth has finally arrived. We’re witnessing the great cryptocurrency crash of 2018. The granddaddy of...
17 Jan 2018
Ripple Price Prediction: Herd Mentality Is XRP’s Gift and Curse
Ripple News Update As Ripple prices spiral toward $1.00, investors are desperately trying to make sense of the carnage. Some open up about earlier crashes....

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