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21 Sep 2017
Meet the Earnings Beast of Cybersecurity Stocks
A Bird’s Eye View of Cybersecurity When cybersecurity stocks ran out of gas in 2015, many investors wrote them off as a waste of time....
21 Sep 2017
Ripple Price Forecast and Analysis – September 21, 2017
On Wednesday, there was a broad-but-shallow dip in the overall cryptocurrency market. XRP prices were caught in the downdraft, but it is unlikely to affect...
21 Sep 2017
Litecoin Price Forecast and Analysis – September 21, 2017
Will Litecoin prices fall below $50.00? That’s probably the most important question for the short-term Litecoin price forecast, but it’s unlikely to matter over the...
21 Sep 2017
Lithium Americas Stock Breaks Out, Implying Higher Stock Prices
LACDF Stock: Inverse Head and Shoulders The lithium sector is catching a bid, and with all due respect, the reasoning is quite sound. Centralized governments...
21 Sep 2017
Ethereum Price Forecast and Analysis – September 21, 2017
Narrow spreads, low volatility, and relative calm. If someone asked you to name an asset class with those qualities, would your answer be cryptocurrencies? Absolutely...
21 Sep 2017
The Blackberry Stock Price Action Supports Higher Prices
BBRY Stock: Constructive Price Action I am really getting to enjoy tracking BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ: BBRY) stock because it is acting in accordance the rules set...
21 Sep 2017
A Perfect Storm Is Bearing Down on Facebook Stock
Can FB Stock Survive? Long-time readers know I’m a huge fan of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB). But investing is a cold-blooded business. So when I...
21 Sep 2017
Bitcoin Price Forecast and Analysis – September 21, 2017
There's good news and bad news for Bitcoin (BTC) bulls today. The bad news is that BTC hasn't shown much in the way of gains over the...
21 Sep 2017
Organigram Stock Breaks Out, Higher Prices Anticipated
OGRMF Stock: Marijuana Stocks Are Back in Vogue All of a sudden, the marijuana sector has caught a bid after a slow summer. A number...
20 Sep 2017
Litecoin Price Forecast and Analysis – September 20, 2017
As investors move beyond the dismal Litecoin news from last week, it’s becoming clear that a recovery won’t happen overnight. In the last 24 hours,...

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