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23 Mar 2004
All The Noise About Oil
While I'm a big believer that the price of consumer goods will decline in the short term (deflation), I also recognize that some commodities are...
22 Mar 2004
What Would Abe Say
As I write today's commentary, I find myself drawn to a picture of Abraham Lincoln that adorns a wall in my office. Lincoln was one...
18 Mar 2004
The Big Fight
The way I see it, we have two major forces "working" the economy today. In one corner, we have the natural market. To this economist,...
16 Mar 2004
What They Told Me In Aruba
While I'm not a big fan of Aruba, I visit the island occasionally to see my parents when they vacation there. Mom and dad, who...
15 Mar 2004
If you've been reading my PROFIT CONFIDENTIAL for some time now, you are obviously familiar with my bearish attitude towards the stock market. My bottom...
11 Mar 2004
Golden Stories
Both my parents lived in occupied towns in Europe during WWII. My father tells a story about how a few gold coins that had been...
9 Mar 2004
The Silver Picture
Most of the silver in the world is smelted out of gold and copper mine production. There are some pure silver plays and mines out...
8 Mar 2004
Two-Headed Beast
So, what are readers saying about PROFIT CONFIDENTIAL now? Some readers are critical of our commentaries, on occasion, but most offer support for our endeavors....
5 Mar 2004
Will the Crashing Dollar Sink Wall Street Again or hand you the biggest gains of your life?
An economic train wreck is barreling down on you and there's no escaping it. A new monetary crisis is unfolding, greater than any the United...
4 Mar 2004
Feeling Left Out
I was having lunch with an old high school friend of mine the other day. Since our school days, he has gone on to owning...

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