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29 Apr 2004
All Hands Down
Looks like investors couldn't win yesterday, unless they were short stocks, metals, and foreign currencies. Stocks were down: Did you see how the popular media...
28 Apr 2004
Big-Cap Stock Profits from Rising Rates?
As you are aware, I'm very bearish on big-cap stocks for the following reasons: Valuations are historically high. Interest rates are about to rise. As...
27 Apr 2004
Where’s the Money Coming From?
Yesterday afternoon, a realtor friend of mine called to ask if I'd be interested in seeing a property she recently listed. Always the curious, I...
26 Apr 2004
Where Rates Are Headed Now
Some of the most frequent questions I'm asked of late are directed towards interest rates: Where are rates headed? Should I lock in my mortgage...
22 Apr 2004
Gold Thoughts
Recent weakness in gold bullion prices could be confusing to gold stock investors. I personally believe there are several factors behind gold's recent price weakness:...
21 Apr 2004
We Made 62 Times Our Money on NHC and 34 Times Our Money on Research in Motion
We Made 62 Times Our Money on NHC and 34 Times Our Money on Research in Motion. Here's How Ordinary Investors Are Walking Away Filthy,...
20 Apr 2004
Cheap Money, Nice Cars
This past weekend, a major luxury car dealer held its annual spring sale event. At this sale, they attempt to sell new 2003 and 2004...
16 Apr 2004
The Only Investment Loophole Wall Street Insiders Have Left
Plus how you can use their exclusive "Two-Day Headstart Rule" to pile on the profits in 2004 Dear Profit Confidential Reader, Wall Street insiders are...
15 Apr 2004
Two Wise Old Men and One Bright Young Lady
The Center for Policy and Economic Research is a liberal economic research organization in Washington founded by economists Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot. These two...
14 Apr 2004
Penny Stock Pay Day
The penny stock gold rush is making investors rich again with actual 3-month gains of 470%... 585%... and 640%! Dear Profit Confidential Reader, Remember how...

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