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25 Feb 2004
Turn Each $250 You Invest into $302,780!
Discover the bio-tech breakthroughs that will help make you wealthy from a very small investment... no matter what the stock market does! Dear Profit Confidential...
24 Feb 2004
All that Energy
The United States of America is the world's largest energy producer, consumer, and net importer. It also ranks twelfth worldwide in reserves of oil, sixth...
23 Feb 2004
Cash Crunch
It is darn hard opening a newspaper or magazine these days without seeing an article on debt. Be it consumer debt, state debt, corporate debt,...
19 Feb 2004
Small Cap
A regular reader of the PROFIT CONFIDENTIAL contacted me to say "Yes, Michael...I agree that that the nature of the economy is changing, but how...
17 Feb 2004
On The Lighter Side
Just after the NFL Super Bowl, a sporting friend of mine called to tell me that we should be going into a bear market. "Why...
16 Feb 2004
Frank Talk
My friend Frank has been a hardworking sheetrock contractor for over thirty years. We recently had an interesting talk inside a new home he had...
12 Feb 2004
Imperial Eggs
Carl Faberge the world-famous goldsmith and jeweler to the Tsars of Russia created a variety of items for the Russian royal family. He made an...
10 Feb 2004
Grand Delusions
There is a scene in one of the Mad Max movie where one of the characters says "easy now, I know what I'm doing" only...
9 Feb 2004
A Fad Gone Bad
I sometimes get funny looks when I pay for things with cash (my favorite way) that other people usually pay for with a card. I...
5 Feb 2004
Cry Me a River of Gold
From what I can tell, the G-7 meeting in Boca Raton, Florida that starts tomorrow seems to be shaping up to become a real tear...

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