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3 Feb 2004
Time Taxing
I read recently that the IRS estimates that married couples with two children that have a combined income of $75,000 to $100,000 USD and are...
2 Feb 2004
Fed Up With Greenspan
There is no doubt that Alan Greenspan has the ability to move markets. Even the slightest change in vernacular can bring about reactions that are......
29 Jan 2004
Riding The Bull
If bull riding were easy, we would all be rodeo stars and retired, pursuing safer endeavors with our prize money. No doubt bull riding is...
29 Jan 2004
No End in Sight
I am truly amazed by the strength of our domestic housing market. Almost every investment guru has predicted softening or pullback in the last couple...
27 Jan 2004
Buying a treat at my local corner store with one of my children last week caused me to have a flashback to 1960 (or so)....
22 Jan 2004
Political Profit
These days I'm finding it more difficult to separate politics and the economy. It is after all an election year and to put it mildly,...
20 Jan 2004
Pension Attention
It wasn't too long ago that in this column we covered the trials and tribulations of General Motors' beleaguered pension plan. It seems that the...
19 Jan 2004
Golden Slumber
On January 15, 2004, last Thursday to be precise, the price of Gold posted its biggest one-day decline in three months, settling back 3.2% on...
15 Jan 2004
On a Downhill Roll
The title of today's column and the frigid weather some of us are experiencing may give you reason to think that I might be using...
13 Jan 2004
Cold Oil
I noticed two things this morning on my way to work. The first was that it took too long for my vehicle to produce warm...

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