Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC

Gaurav S. Iyer is a research analyst and editor at Lombardi Financial. He currently writes for Profit Confidential where he focuses on macroeconomics and capital markets.

On the equity side, Iyer is a fundamental analyst who focuses on company business models and how those companies are positioned within their industry compared to their competitors. His economic research and analysis has appeared in The Economist.

Iyer co-founded the Rethinking Economic chapters in Toronto and Montreal, Canada.

Get to know Gaurav…

What was your very first investment?

My older brother had saved a nest egg and wanted to invest, so he asked for my help. Finding ripe industries was easy since I already understood economics. This was in 2009, and I realized that financials were sure to rebound. But once I began looking at individual companies, I gained a new level of respect for how uniquely structured each firm could be, and what it meant about their potential for success or failure.

What has been the most memorable moment of your investment career?

My most memorable moment came from owning a large-cap tech company. It was an over-hyped stock that was straining under a heavy load of pessimism. Those are the moments that define successful investors. I did not listen to the naysayers; I trusted my analysis, and a year later the stock had earned 30%.

What is your investment philosophy?

I am a value investor. I think of companies, not stocks. It helps me to know where exactly a business is making its money, how it plans to expand, and whether it can defend its market share. Only once you know those things can you determine if the stock is over- or under-priced.

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