Patrick Brik, BAS, CFA, CMT

Patrick Brik is a research analyst and editor at Lombardi Financial. His investment philosophy is based on merging fundamental and technical analysis in an effort to produce timely and actionable investment ideas.

Patrick has accumulated 18 years of trading experience, which include 13 years of private wealth management at Nesbitt Burns. Patrick is a graduate of York University’s business program and has recently attained both the CFA and CMT designations.

Get to Know Patrick…

What was your first investment?

My first investment was Loewen Group in 1998. I can’t recall exactly what drew me to buy that position other than it sitting at its 52-week low. After weeks of news circulating regarding a pending bankruptcy, I finally got out at a small loss. I decided I should pursue a more diligent route in my investing. It was at that point that I came across an article on the art of technical analysis and I was hooked.

What is it about technical analysis that is so intriguing to you?

I always wanted to know why certain stocks and sectors moved up or down in any given timeframe. Technical analysis explained the concepts of trends and how a price chart can give insight to ebbs and flows. Technical analysis simplifies investments into an orderly system that allows the framework to produce a profitable trading strategy.

What’s the most important advice you would offer to investors?

Always define your risk-and-return objectives prior to making an investment. A defined exit strategy is the cornerstone of a profitable investing strategy. Set your risk as a stop, thus eliminating any emotional biases that may present themselves if the position moves against you.

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