Stephen Karmazyn, BA

Stephen Karmazyn is a writer for Profit Confidential, where he focuses on reporting breaking news in the technology and emerging industries.

Throughout his career as a journalist, Karmazyn has written on tech for a variety of publications, including The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, and The Ottawa Business Journal. He served as the web editor for Techopia, a tech-centered newsblog focused on emerging start-up companies.

Get to know Stephen…

What first sparked your interest in tech?

Near the end of my undergrad, I spent some time interning at the Financial Post. My very first story was on Elon Musk’s SpaceX trying to land a used rocket on a floating drone-operated barge in the middle of a gulf. Besides being infinitely fascinating and an absolutely joy to write about, the story was my very first pitch and published piece. The next day Shopify went public and that absorbed the remainder of my time at FP.

What makes tech reporting different than other news?

Cutting-edge tech is having a profound effect on almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives, and tomorrow always brings something new to the table. Essentially, each article about tech acts as a potential preview for what life may look like in the near future.

What interests you about technology stocks?

Technology stocks are great to watch because the market determines in a very concrete way which devices will define our future. By following the emerging tech companies, you get to see in real time which innovations fly and which others will falter.

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