A Major Chinese Wealth Creator

One of my favorite companies has been rallying lately. China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. (OTCBB/CSCT) just hit a new record high of over $20.00 per share. This is particularly impressive as the broader market has been lackluster at best.

The company recently gave a presentation on itself at the Roth Capital Partners New York Conference at The Westin New York. Sometimes all it takes is a meet-and-greet for an institutional investor to get behind a stock. Although I didn’t attend this conference, I’ve seen this situation before.

An institutional investor knows as much as it can about a company, but holds back taking on a position until it gets a chance to meet with company management. If they don’t seem too wacky, often, that’s all it takes to confirm the story.

As mentioned many times in this column, China Security & Surveillance Technology offers a compelling growth story in China’s fractured security market. Just think of all those new offices and factories that need a basic security system for employees. Add in a determined company with an eye on consolidation and creating a real brand, and you’ve got the makings of a major success story.

What this company needs now is a NASDAQ listing and it needs it in a hurry. Even though it doesn’t make much difference from a technical point of view, investors view a company’s listing on a major stock market as another small step that legitimizes the story.

Many Chinese stocks begin trading on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board, and as they achieve a certain success and get to an appropriate size, they opt to list on the NASDAQ or NYSE. I really like it when companies do this because some institutional investors won’t invest in companies that don’t trade on a major market.

China Security & Surveillance Technology continues to be a great investment with staying power. I think this company will continue to be a major wealth creator over the next several years.