Government Ordinance 458 Guarantees Your Profits on the New “General Electric” of China

Imagine this…

The year is 1892, and Thomas Edison has invited you to purchase stock in his newly created company: General Electric. After all, he has created the light bulb and is about to change the lives of millions of people.

You’d think that would have been enough for GE stock to skyrocket. But it wasn’t…

…until the American government mandated cities to adopt electricity over gas lanterns. The rest is history. Today, GE is one of the world’s most valuable companies.

Opportunities like this are few and far between. Cars (Ford)… radio (RCA)… TV (Zenith)… computers (IBM)… software (Microsoft) — if you had bought stock in any of these companies at the very beginning, you’d be set for life.

Today, you’ve got the rare opportunity to invest in one of these life-changing companies by getting in at the ground floor.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in a company that makes products that the Chinese government requires businesses to purchase!

The Chinese government, through Ordinance 458, requires cafés and entertainment halls in the city of Shenzhen (a rapidly growing city in China) to purchase video monitoring systems made by this company. And they must do so immediately!

Just like Edison’s GE, the government has enacted a law that requires businesses to purchase a certain type of equipment. That’s important because they’re mandated to purchase it from this company.

Lock in the lowest price and the highest gains!

You can get in at the lowest possible price… locking in HUGE PROFITS by purchasing this company’s stock today before it becomes a Chinese titan!

Hold on to your hats, because Ordinance 458 also requires the more than two million registered entertainment halls to purchase video monitoring systems.

As sales increase, this company’s profits and stock price will increase. And since you got in early, you’ll have the opportunity to earn exceptional profits!

This company’s success (and possibly your profits!) is guaranteed by the Chinese government.

The Chinese government recently passed another ordinance that requires surveillance equipment to be installed in coal mines, justice departments, and cities throughout China.

What’s more, retail stores in the city of Xi’an must install surveillance equipment to qualify for a business license. It’s likely that the thousands of stores throughout China will be required to install surveillance equipment, and this company will be there to provide it!

This puts you in the perfect position to make spectacular profits as sales increase and the stock price jumps.

Here’s more good news for you:

Think for a moment about the recent boom in real estate. During this boom, almost every home increased in value. You didn’t even have to renovate your home; it increased in value simply because it was riding a wave.

That’s what it’s like in the Chinese security and surveillance market. It’s growing by an astonishing 40% each year and will be worth $33 billion by 2009. This company will ride the wave, and the value of your stock — that you got at a great price — could balloon.

Even more great news on this stock:

Like billions of people around the globe, you probably watched and enjoyed the last summer Olympics. Well, guess what? Beijing is hosting the 2008 summer Olympics, and that means huge sales for this company.

In fact, China will spend from $6 billion to $12 billion on security for the games. And this company, with its surveillance systems, will grab a HUGE chunk of this business.

More sales, more profits, and possibly another giant leap in the price of this stock!

Just two years after the summer Olympics, Shanghai will host the 2010 World’s Fair. And, as usual, security and safety will be on everybody’s mind. This company will supply the video surveillance equipment that’s needed to make 70 million visitors feel safe and secure.

It takes a lot of surveillance equipment to make so many people feel safe. That means plenty of sales and revenue for this company and a corresponding POP in the value of its stock.

Profit from China’s booming economy:

You know that America’s economy is growing between three percent and four percent per year, but what you may not know is that China’s economy is positively roaring at 10% each year. That means more retail stores, more infrastructure, and more cafés. And all of these things require surveillance equipment. Exactly the product made by this company!

Once again, more sales can mean huge growth in your stock, and possibly more profit for you!

In the last year alone, this phenomenal company’s revenue exploded 106% — even before the Chinese government ordered its products as “must-buys.”

You know that revenue growth drives earnings per share and as earnings rise, so does the stock price. Now’s the time to invest, so that you can lock in huge profits before the stock price begins to reflect these great fundamentals!

Five great reasons why you could make big money on this stock:

1) Ordinance 458 requires cafés and entertainment halls to install this company’s surveillance equipment. This is your key to growth.

2) Other ordinances require retail stores, courts, coal mines, and cities to install surveillance equipment. This company — well known to the Chinese government — will be a main supplier. This could mean another great growth channel for you.

3) This company’s sales will skyrocket when it supplies surveillance equipment for the 2008 summer Olympics and 2010 World’s Fair. Watch for the stock to skyrocket, too!

4) This company is part of the thriving surveillance sector that’s expanding by 40% each year. And it operates in an economy that’s growing at 10% per year. Steady, consistent growth is exactly what you want.

5) This company’s recent financing clears the way for continued long-term growth!

It’s like planting a flower and adding water, fertilizer, and growth nutrients. The stage is set for incredible growth, and because you got in at the ground floor, you could make BIG PROFITS.

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