If you didn’t beat the DOW by 250% or more in 2003

If you didn’t beat the DOW by 250% or more in 2003, there are still plenty of undiscovered small-cap bargains where we found these winners:

1,030% gain on a camera chip company. 640% gain on an internet services provider. 415% gain on this provider of internet security software. 318% gain on this maker of wireless equipment. 316% gain on a for-profit school management company. 285% gain on this e-commerce company. 255% gain on this provider of software for notebook computers.

In 2003, our entire small-cap portfolio was up an average of 92.5%!


The small-cap Russell 2000 was a big winner in 2003, outperforming the DOW by about 80%. Not bad.

But within that index of 2,000 small-cap stocks were individual equities that ran rings around the rest:

— A little-known company by the name of Call-Net Enterprises saw its stock explode in value with a gain of 1,157%.

— eOn, a small-cap maker of telecommunications equipment with a big stake in China was up a whopping 825% last year.

— The stock of a small-cap company by the name of Hawker Resources enjoyed a gain of 704%.

— Verso Technologies surged ahead by 520% in 2003.

— Small-cap, iiNet gained 224% in 2003.

— One of our small-cap recommendations, Omnivision Technologies gained 270% in 2003 and its total gain since we first recommended it in October 2001 is over 1,030%.

— Another of our picks, Secure Computing, was up 172% for the year and is ahead by 415% since we first recommended it in October 2002.

— Packeteer, a stock our research turned subscribers on to in April 2002 is up 195% since then and racked up a gain of 148% in 2003 alone.

— Equinix, another of our past recommendations was up a whopping 640% since we began covering it.

Have small-caps run their course? Is it time to rotate your money to so-called “safer” blue chips?

No way! At least not if you want a realistic shot at making some real profits in 2004!

The record shows that following each of the past ten recessions, on average, small-cap stocks have outperformed large-caps (the S&P 500) by 71%! And that’s the average. We’re not interested in “average.”

Our research seeks out the under-followed… undiscovered… undervalued small-cap stocks that have the potential to explode with profits in the next few months!

For anyone willing to do the research, small-caps are a gold mine of undiscovered wealth. In fact, 2003 was the best year for small-caps since 1967!

Over time, the average small-cap has always beaten the pants off the blue chip index. But hidden within that small-cap average are a few superstars that make even the best of the blue chips pale by comparison.

Small-caps have left big stocks in the dust! Small-caps were on an absolute tear in 2003 and continue to make the bulkier end of the market appear as if it’s standing still.

Personally, I believe the best gains from small-cap stocks are yet to come. In 2004 my money is actually safest in the kind of exceptional well-researched small-cap stocks we pride ourselves on identifying.

Whether the DOW and S&P continue their recovery or not, there will always be opportunities for 300%… 500%… even 1,000% and more profits to be found among the pool of little- known, small-cap companies.

Obviously, the trick is to separate the big winners from majority of small start-ups that will never make it. And for the past 17 years, we’ve been pretty damn good at finding the next small- cap winners long before Wall Street catches on.

I’ve put my very best picks (so far) for 2004 in a special FREE report that I’d like to send you. The report is called “7 Top Small-Cap Growth Stocks for 2004 & Beyond.” And as a Lombardi customer, I’d also like to send you a second brand- new report I’ve just written: “How to Beat the Market by 100% Over the Next Six Months.”