Solar Energy is a Foolproof Investment

We were just talking about solar energy stocks in this column. The other day, the entire group moved sharply higher as several companies announced big deals to expand their production.

I’m absolutely positive that the current interest in solar energy stocks is only the beginning of an enormous trend. If you don’t own any now, you’ve missed the beginning of the boat ride, but the good news is that it’s going to continue for quite some time.

The alternative energy/solar industry investment theme is going to be around for a number of years, and I think it will be responsible for creating enormous wealth for those investors who can handle the risk. Similar to the Internet stock boom and the telecommunications stock boom, holders of solar energy stocks will have enormous newfound wealth by the end of this decade.

There’s been a huge amount of dollars raised on Wall Street for solar energy companies over the last two years, and many of these companies are Chinese. In most cases, production of solar energy components is taking place in China for export to European nations, especially Germany.

Recently, one state announced a number of further incentives for the use and deployment of solar energy panels. This is only the beginning. If you really look into the subject, the modern solar energy industry has been operating for decades. Only now are production costs coming down, consumers are demanding the product, and policy makers are providing government incentives to get things moving.

If you have experience in the solar energy industry, you could probably write your own ticket on Wall Street. There will be a whole new class of investment bankers getting rich bringing solar energy IPOs to market. Sorry, Bill Gates — alternative energy is the new technology boom for the next two decades.