The Best Investment Opportunities for Speculators

One of my favorite companies, New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE/EDU) just hit $39 per share on the market. This is amazing! Just consider this… the stock was only trading for $24 per share this past October.

The stock is extremely expensive, but, as an individual investor, you can’t ascribe a single, unique value to an investment opportunity like this. What you must do is ride the wave and maintain a moving stop-loss limit to preserve your profits.

The stock popped higher after news that the company would be selling a number of new shares to raise money for its expansion. This is worthy to note because it is quite rare for a stock to go up in value when it announces a share offering. When this rare event does happen, you know there is significant momentum behind the stock.

I’m also very pleased with the performance of China Security & Surveillance Technology (OTCBB/CSCT). When I first wrote about this company in this column towards the end of November last year, the stock was trading around $10 per share. Now, it’s trading around $15 per share — and I think $20 per share is an easy near-term target. There will be some bumps along the way, but the domestic market wants these stocks to go up.

As I’ve written before, I’m really mining the stock market hard these days because China stocks represent the best investment opportunities for speculators at this time.

Only recently did I come across two other pure play China stocks that trade on American stock markets. Both these companies are involved in solar energy production in China.

I haven’t done all the preliminary research yet, but I think these stocks will be worthy of speculation. Both have great selling features: high growth; alternative energy investment theme; a market wanting to speculate in anything China-related.

The future really does look bright for equity traders going forward.