The Secret to Finding Rising Stocks

One of my favorite companies just hit a new all-time high on the stock market. DeVry, Inc. (NYSE/DV) just broke through the $60.00-per-share level and, in spite of being expensively priced, this stock looks to have some short-term momentum behind it.

I thought that a private education company like DeVry would do well in a slowing economy, because people always look to upgrade their skills when times change. DeVry is a proven operator and has an excellent track record of delivering solid financial growth.

Another company that I think operates in a great business is E-House (China) Holdings Limited (NYSE/EJ). This real estate service provider in China is growing like mad, but the stock is way down since last November. I guess weakness in the Chinese equity markets and the terrible earthquake in that country are contributing to this stock’s weakness.

A lot of fast-growing U.S.-listed China stocks are undervalued in this market, and I think it’s a good time to be considering some of these speculative securities.

Finally, I have to say a word about Titan Machinery, Inc. (NASDAQ/TITN) once again. The company just reported excellent fiscal first-quarter financial results and the stock took off on the news. This stock is very expensive now, but it still has a lot of momentum at this time. Subscribers will remember that I wrote about this company just a short while ago as an attractive agricultural play. Pull up a chart on this stock and you’ll see just how successful it’s been over a short period of time.

I guess it’s nice to know that, even in a lackluster equity market, there remain all kinds of stocks in the marketplace that are going up in value. It always comes back to the same thing: owning the right stocks at the right time. Nobody said it was going to be easy.