U.S.-Listed Chinese Stocks Getting a Boost

As a general observation, I would say that U.S.-listed Chinese stocks are now beginning to experience renewed enthusiasm from investors.

One stock that’s been written about extensively in this column is First Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ/FSLR) and it’s popped up over $20.00 per share just in the last week. This stock’s 52-week high is $283.00 per share, and it is now trading around $255.00 per share.

On almost all occasions, when the broader stock market corrects, the more speculative stocks get hit the hardest. This makes life difficult if you’re long on these kinds of stocks during a correction. It also makes for a great opportunity to be considering new positions, as stock prices are more attractive.

Another interesting company that got hammered by the current stock market correction is Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (NYSE/YGE). This company operates in the solar energy industry. The stock dropped to a recent low of around $13.00 per share, way down from its all-time high of $41.50 per share in late December. This stock has now recovered to its current level of around $21.00 per share, which is what this stock is worth.

I think that the current stock market correction will be slow to recover, but it will do so nonetheless. Commensurate with this recovery will be renewed interest in Chinese stocks and, clearly, a lot of these companies have very promising futures.

Over the last decade, enthusiasm for Chinese stocks has definitely been cyclical. This can be frustrating for speculators, but it’s the reality of the marketplace.

I still believe that U.S.-listed Chinese stocks offer some of the best speculative investment opportunities in the global equity landscape. They are well suited to long-term, risk-capital portfolios.