What the Smart Investor Should Own

Many different types of commodities have increased in value since the tech bust of 2000. Cooper, platinum, silver, uranium — they are all up significantly in price over the past seven years. Today, however, I’m going to focus on two essential commodities that I believe will play an increasingly pivotal role in the global economy.

While the importance of oil as a source of energy dates back to the 1800s, it was a fellow by the name of Henry Ford who created the explosion in the use and need of oil only one short century ago. As for gold bullion, its roots are about 5,000 years older than oil.

What were once considered third-world countries are today becoming increasingly important players in the global economy. China, with one car for every 700 people, is now the world’s greatest producer of cheap labor. One has to wonder: Would Wal- Mart be the world’s biggest retailer today if it were not for the many “Made in China” products it sells to Americans every passing second? As China continues to introduce its mass population to assembly lines, the demand for oil will only increase.

I remember vividly the mid-1980s when oil sold for $15.00 U.S. per barrel. Those days are far gone. I openly predicted in PROFIT CONFIDENTIAL five years ago that we were headed for $100.00 per barrel oil. At $80.00 today, we are getting close.

As for gold bullion, one simple statement sums it up: As the U.S. wisely lowers the value of its dollar against other world currencies; gold will shine as the only viable alternative to the U.S. dollar. And with gold bullion slowly closing on its record price high, one has to wonder if gold is not crying rapid inflation ahead — another pressure cooker for the price of gold bullion.

A smart investor today would own quality oil and gold producing stocks. They were the smart investments to buy five years ago — and they remain in my humble opinion the smartest investments to own for the next five years.