Dash Applications: Places to Spend Your Dash Coin Currency

DashDash Wiki

Before we get into Dash applications, a brief Dash wiki is in order. Dash (digital cash) is a cryptocurrency that has been getting a lot of interest in recent times. And for good reason. Its unique two-tier network easily allows for upgrades, so it is always future-ready.

It was originally called XCoin, later changed to Darkcoin, before it finally became Dash coin.

Benefits of Accepting Dash Coin 


There are many benefits of accepting Dash coin. A few of them are listed below.

Two-Tier Network: Dash’s masternode servers are secure, always on, and capable of delivering several network services. Masternodes also allow for new services to be introduced into the network. What this means is that Dash can constantly upgrade itself, be relevant to future needs, and remain robust.

Economic Incentive Concept: For most people, this is one of the biggest reasons to adopt Dash coin. The concept ensures that advanced users (masternodes) get paid 45% of the reward on every block. Typically, every three to four days, each masternode gets paid one Dash. In addition, masternodes also earn fees whenever someone uses their services.

Low Transaction Fees: Dash transaction fees are just short of being free. In fact, the Dash median transaction fee is currently about $0.07. This is far lower than the transaction fees charged by credit cards, banks, and other services like Moneygram International Inc, The Western Union Company, or Paypal Holdings Inc.

Instant Payments: A unique decentralized technology called “InstantX” enables Dash users to confirm a completed transaction in less than four seconds.

Extreme Privacy: Dash gives a lot of importance to financial privacy. All Dash users can make transactions in such a way that no one can link the identity of a user with a particular transaction or address.

Upgradability: A set of well-defined mechanisms are in place to help users submit proposals to their network for improved services. This facility gives users the option to assess their needs and request changes.

Personal Wallets: All the funds in Dash are controlled by personal wallets, and all money transfers are verified by the distributed network. This eliminates intermediaries and their fees.

Advanced Security: The Dash network employs advanced encryption and is, therefore, very secure. A source code adds to the security, safety, and independence of the system.

Global Transfers: Dash wallet users can transfer funds anywhere in the world, without third parties being able to block or track the transfers. This allows for international interactions that are independent of the people’s locations and the local currencies. (Source: “Dash – Best Cryptocurrency For Instant Private Payments Online?,” BitcoinExchangeGuide, last accessed December 12, 2017.)

With so many benefits, it’s not surprising that companies accepting Dash are cropping up quite rapidly. If this trend continues, the list of businesses that accept Dash currency will soon be a very long one.

Partial List of Companies Accepting Dash Coin

Before we get to individual companies and businesses that accept Dash, let’s talk about the biggest of them all. Dash combines with “BitCart”—a service that exclusively supports Dash—to allow customers to buy Amazon.com, Inc gift cards at a 15% discount. This avenue makes Dash one of the most usable and practical cryptocurrencies in existence.

The following list of U.S. businesses picked at random will give you a fair idea of the wide acceptance of Dash coin. Just like these, there are hundreds of businesses in other countries that accept Dash.

Simple Auto Sales: This fully operational used-car dealership on Bear Valley Road in Victorville, California accepts Dash for all its services, without putting a dent in your pocket.

Yipptee: This cool designer boutique in New York accepts Dash for the sale of T-shirts for guys and girls, and kids. The boutique specializes in T-shirts sporting fantastic illustrated designs depicting funny ideas. Yeah, Dash is cool!

Kleo’s Sewing Studio: This unique design studio in Savannah, Georgia, accepts Dash for bespoke tailoring and custom-fit alterations. Talk about fitting in with your needs.

Praxeum Taekwondo Club: This club is evidence that, as an alternate currency, Dash kicks some serious butt. This martial arts club in Portsmouth, New Hampshire accepts Dash as a fee for training in graceful kicking techniques for sports and self-defense.

Cycles Etc.: Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, this uber-cool cycling company has been putting the brakes on global warming, one pedal at a time. Given a chance, it would love to replace all cars with cycles and all currency with Dash.

Fertility Care of Orange County: This popular clinic in Brea, California, specializes in fertility evaluation and in-vitro fertilization. To promote the use of Dash, they offer a 10% discount on many of their services. For Dash, it’s innovations like these that’ll sow the seed for fast acceptance.

Dash-Future-PotentialDash Future Potential

One doesn’t need to be a financial guru to know that the Dash future potential is huge. Think about it. Every link in the Dash chain, right from masternodes to buyers to users, seems to have some economic incentive to use Dash.

Take the masternodes, for example. They earn one Dash a week, plus fees. At the current value, one Dash a week is more than $3,000 a month. That’s like a second source of income for most people. And, for ordinary users, a 15% discount on Amazon gift cards can add up to some serious money.

At present, Dash is arguably the most useful digital cash technology in existence. And, with the soon-to-be-added “Evolution” upgrade, Dash is making all the right moves to be the cryptocurrency of choice for day-to-day transactions.

According to the developers, the upgrade to Evolution will revolutionize the user-friendliness of Dash to such an extent that even a grandmother can do it. Once that happens, the Dash value will truly be appreciated. The day is not far off when people will say, “I paid with Dash, in a flash.”