How to Store Dash: Review of Best Dash Wallets

dashcoinWhat Is Dash Coin?

Dash is digital cash. Judging by the number of “What is Dash?” searches on various search engines, Dash is the cryptocurrency to get hooked onto. But before you start acquiring Dash, you have to figure out how to store Dash and the factors you need to consider to select the best Dash wallet.


Important Factors to Select the Best Dash Wallet 


Having done a lot of homework on Dash coin wallets, we’ve arrived at a handful of wallets that meet certain basic wallet criteria.

You can pick and choose from the list of wallets in the next section or, if you’d like to do your own wallet shopping from the different types of wallets to store Dash, here are the important factors to consider:


  • Private Control Keys: A good wallet must have the facility for you to own and control the keys to your wallet.
  • Security and Backup: This is the most important feature of a wallet. Whenever you are storing objects with a market value, security is necessary. Features like seed backup keys and pin codes are crucial.
  • Developer Community: An active developer community is important for the maintenance of your wallet and ensures that your wallet is in sync with global networks.
  • Ease of Use: A good wallet is one that has an elegant and easy user interface. As Dash is going to become more of a daily currency, a difficult-to-operate wallet will defeat the purpose.
  • Compatibility: The wallet must be compatible with different operating systems.

Different Types of Wallets to Store Dash 

While the Dash wallets can broadly be classified into hardware wallets, Web wallets, mobile wallets, desktop wallets, and paper wallets, there are two wallets I’d like to make special mention of.

Dash Core Wallet: This official Dash wallet is a heavyweight wallet that supports all Dash features including InstantSend, PrivateSend, wallet encryption, coin control, fee control, automated backup, debug console, governance, masternodes, and voting features. As it is identical to the software used by the Dash masternodes, you need to download the entire Dash blockchain. Dash Core Wallet (also called the QT wallet) is available for “macOS,” “Linux,” “Raspberry Pi,” and “Windows.”

Dash Electrum Wallet: As opposed to DashCore, Dash Electrum is a light wallet that secures keys on your personal computer. It uses powerful external servers to index the blockchain, with a special technique called Secure Payment Verification (SPV), which does not use up the full block. This means, while wallet startup is almost instant, your funds are secure and mobile. Being lightweight, it does not support advanced features like PrivateSend or InstantSend.

1. Desktop Wallets

The name is self-explanatory. These wallets allow you to store your Dash and do Dash transactions from your desktop computer. The keys are stored on your desktop.

2. Mobile Wallets

As the name suggests, these wallets allow you to do Dash transactions while on the go (from your mobile phone or tablet). The keys are stored on your mobile device. If you lose your device, you can quickly recover your funds thanks to the recovery seed. Available for “Android” and “iOS,” Dash mobile apps support InstantSend.

3. Hardware Wallets

These are really safe Dash wallets. As they are completely offline, these wallets offer you the maximum security by allowing you to store your keys in the secure device and make simple transactions through a Web interface.

4. Paper Wallet

These are the most convenient and user-friendly dash coin wallets for the long term, as long as you keep them safe. You create a set of keys/addresses using random user and machine inputs, and print them. What you print is all you get. Once it is printed, you can never regenerate a paper wallet.

5. Web Wallets

These are cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to hold your Dash balance on the exchange itself. They get to maintain control of the private keys on your behalf. Some Web wallets don’t even run on an exchange—they store your Dash through simple Google/Facebook login systems.

List of Best Dash Wallets Across Mobile, Desktop, and Hardware

Not only are there different types of wallets, there are many options to choose from within each type. To make it easy for you, we’ve classified the best Dash wallets list into three categories, namely dash wallets across mobile, dash wallets across hardware, and dash wallets across desktop.

Top Dash Wallets Across Mobile 

1. Jaxx

This popular multi-cryptocurrency wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies and allows users to restore their funds with a 12-word backup seed key. The mobile/tablet version of Jaxx is available on both iOS and Android.



Pros Cons
Control of private keys Does not support InstantSend
Can export private keys Does not support PrivateSend
Easy-to-use interface integration for currency exchange  

Jaxx also has desktop wallets (available for Windows, macOS, and Linux) and has browser extensions (for “Chrome” and “Firefox”).

2. Coinomi

This popular multi-coin, mobile-only wallet supports more than 70 crypto-coins. It was previously only available for Android users, but recently it became available for iOS users as well.

Pros Cons
Control of private keys with seed keys Does not support InstantSend
Easy user interface Does not support PrivateSend
High security  

3. Dash Wallet

This is the first open-source Android mobile app for Dash. It was created with the sole purpose of storing and transacting Dash securely.

Pros Cons
Control of private keys Cannot export private keys
Ability to conduct offline transactions via “Bluetooth” Does not support PrivateSend
Supports InstantSend  

Top Dash Wallets Across Desktop 

1. Exodus

This is the world’s first multi-cryptocurrency, free-to-use desktop wallet available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. This wallet supports 11 cryptocurrencies.



Easy user interface Does not support InstantSend
Good security; one-click recovery system with12-word recovery phrase Does not support PrivateSend
No registration or identity verification required Built-in ShapeShift for exchanging cryptocurrencies 

2. Dash Core

If you want to use Dash the way it was meant to be used, this official graphical user interface (GUI) desktop wallet is the one for you. At present, it is available for Mac, Linux (32, 64, and “Raspberry Pi 2”), and Windows.

Pros Cons
Supports PrivateSend Requires a lot of space on your computer
Supports InstantSend Takes a while to sync with the blockchain
Access to governance, masternode management  
No ID or verification required  

Top Dash Wallets Across Hardware

Top-Dash-Wallets-Across-Hardware1. Ledger Nano S

This is the most popular Dash hardware wallet and, at $65.00, it’s also the most inexpensive one available.




Pros Cons
Can store a large amount of coins Does not support InstantSend
Most secure way to store Dash Does not support PrivateSend
OLED screen allows you to control your transactions Can be easily lost/stolen
Can be used even on a hacked computer  

2. Trezor 

This popular hardware is the world’s first hardware wallet, and it supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including Dash.

Pros Cons
24-word recovery seed Does not support InstantSend
OLED screen Does not support PrivateSend
Light and portable Costs $99.00
Can be easily lost/stolen 

Warning/Safety Tip

An unsavory offshoot of the huge popularity of Dash is that the scam wallet list is growing too—on fake Dash web sites and pages. Please do your due diligence to ensure that you are using an authorized site.

Analyst Take:

While the above-mentioned wallets are great for storing your Dash, it all depends on individual needs. If PrivateSend and InstaSend are important for you, then Dash Core is the wallet of choice. However, if mobility is more important, Jaxx is a great option. If you want exposure to a wide range of cryptocurrencies, Coinomi is the way to go.

Having said that, when it comes to money and currency, I’m a little old-fashioned, in the sense that I’d like to keep it out of reach of others. So my choice is a hardware wallet. Among the two mentioned here, I prefer the Ledger Nano S, as it has a better reputation and it looks a lot cooler.