Huge Gain Potential with This Upcoming ICO Cryptocurrency List

ICO CryptocurrencyWith Digital Currency Now Mainstream, Crypto Startups Set to Emerge as Winners

These are exciting times. A significant new asset class has exploded from the woodwork in a way that few thought possible. Ethereum ended 2016 trading at $8.00/ETH, and it now trades at around $270.00 (as of this writing). We all know how far Bitcoin has come. If you’ve missed the boat on investing in these two cryptocurrency patriarchs, there’s good news. The upcoming ICO cryptocurrency list promises the potential for more explosive price appreciation.

In case you’re not familiar with the acronym, ICO stands for “initial coin offering.” It’s the preferred method for fledgling crypto startups to raise capital to build and expand their new cryptocurrency offerings. Backers may create a whitepaper or a document resembling a prospectus to generate investor demand. This document will state all of the relevant project facts, like how many digital coins will be issued, the overarching code structure, how much capital is needed, and so on.

Once the cryptocurrency is running, investors pledge capital with U.S. dollars (USDs) or other currencies (including cryptocurrencies) to purchase a token stake. Similar to an initial public offering (IPO) for stocks, the amount of tokens given is dependent on the amount of capital pledged. If enough capital is raised, the project will forge ahead. If capital investment falls short of the mark, however, the project may be shelved and capital will returned to investors. The concept isn’t dissimilar from that of private companies becoming public. It’s all about public demand.

Needless to say, these ventures are risky and not suitable for conservative investors. Failure rates are high, and mainstream investor demand may never materialize even if the project gets completed. As of late-June 2017, there were over 900 distinct cryptocurrencies changing hands daily. Obviously, the market is becoming quite saturated, with only a fraction of these cryptocurrencies likely to stand the test of time.

It’s worth noting that ICO offerings and crowdfunding campaigns are not regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Some have turned out to be frauds. If you are swindled out of your hard-earned dollars, there’s little recourse. It’s very much a Wild West climate, with the onus on investors to conduct their own rigorous due diligence. If the offering isn’t popular, there’s probably a good reason for it.

Cryptocurrency Market

Disclaimers aside, the explosive growth potential for cryptocurrencies is breathtaking.

Between July and August 2014, the Ethereum ICO raised $18.0 million in Bitcoin (about $0.40 per token) for its token currency, the ether (ETH). About a year later, Ethereum’s first-generation platform was released, and the rest is history.

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It didn’t take long for early investors to realize a gain on their investment. ETH rose 29-fold between October 2015 and March 2016, before consolidating in a year-long range. Since breaking out, prices have reached an incredible high of $389.00 per ETH token before paring back. That’s more than an 800-fold return on investment in less than two years!

It’s no wonder that investor interest in the next big ICO cryptocurrency is parabolic. The early returns in this asset class are unlike anything we’ve since since the late-1990s Internet frenzy. Even then, Bitcoin and Ethereum price gains have dwarfed anything seen then. Some experts believe that further Bitcoin and Ethereum gains are coming.

Growth has been so explosive, the aggregate cryptocurrency market cap is now around $100.0 billion globally. Just seven years earlier, when Bitcoin was born, it was less than $1.0 million. Interest on platforms such as the GDAX cryptocurrency exchange has exploded, as people increasingly get more confident about the security and integrity on main providers.

Cryptocurrency Market Cap Chart (as of July 5, 2017)

Cryptocurrency NameMarket Cap (Billions USD) Price (USD)Monthly Trade Volume (Billions USD)Market Share
   Bitcoin $41.8 $2,574.74 $41.840.7%
   Ethereum $28.3 $316.57 $30.827.6%
   Ripple $10.3 $0.27 $6.110.0%
   Litcoin $2.2 $42.12 $12.62.1%
   Ethereum Classic $1.8 $19.02 $4.91.7%
   NEM $1.5 $0.17 $0.41.4%
   Dash $1.3 $180.12 $1.41.3%

(Source: “Cryptocurrencies: Coming To A Quote Screen Near You,” Forbes, July 5, 2017)

Upcoming ICO Cryptocurrency List

Is the next explosive cryptocurrency awaiting to be born for the below lists? Quite possibly.

Of course, I do not endorse any particular issue below. An exhaustive amount of your own research is recommended before diving into such a speculative investment. However, for those confident enough to take some risks, a pot of gold could be waiting at the end of the rainbow.


NameICO ScaleTotalCurrencyEnd Time
Dimcoin10.0 million DIMvarious cryptocurrency8/28/2017
Startavarious cryptocurrency8/4/2017
Money Technology$500,000 USDvarious cryptocurrency, USD8/2/2017
Tezosvarious cryptocurrency, USD8/1/2017
Giga Watt30.0 million WTTEthereum (ETH)7/31/2017
DAO CasinoBitcoin (BTC), ETH, USD7/30/2017
True Flip6,215 BTCETH7/27/2017
Civic$33.0 million USD1.0 billion CVCBTC, Litecoin (LTC), ETH, DASH7/21/2017
Skincoin600.0 million SKIN1.0 billion SKINBTC, ETH7/21/2017
Orocrypt Inc.500,000 tokensETH7/14/2017


NameRoundStart Time
Hivemind (HMD)undetermined
Postbase (POST)undetermined
Filecoin (IPFS)undetermined
Rootstock (RSK)undetermined
FundRequest (FND)1undetermined