Ripple Price Forecast: 3 Signs That XRP Is Poised to Rise on “FOMO”

XRPRipple may trail just behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash in terms of market cap, but the world’s fourth-largest cryptocurrency is much less understood than the leading three.

That said, investors don’t need to understand Ripple in order to feel the fear of missing out (otherwise known as “FOMO”) on XRP gains. That part comes naturally as XRP begins to surge.

At those moments, investors are willing to shove elderly women and orphans aside to get on board. No one wants to hear another investor say, “I made $100,000 on XRP last month,” while knowing they could have done the same thing.

It’s worse than missing a three-foot putt.

In any case, here are three recent signals that Ripple might be on the edge of a bullish rally:

1. Explosive Trading Volumes: On Sunday, trading activity jumped 86.7% from the day before, from $134.5 million to $251.2 million. By itself, this data is meaningless, but Ripple had two similar spikes in volume last week. The takeaway is that higher trading demand for XRP usually leads to a price increase.

2. China Job Postings: Ripple is expanding its Asian footprint by hiring more staff. It is looking for someone to head up the China operation, and for someone to be a Solutions Director (whatever that means). This means that China is allowing Ripple to continue its foray into the Middle Kingdom, which could drive enormous demand for XRP.

3. The Lockup: The “lockup” is a term referring to Ripple’s commitment that most of the company’s own XRP tokens (they own a huge portion of XRP) will be placed in escrow. This should reassure everyone that Ripple is not dumping its coins and riding off into the sunset, but rather fixing supply in place to ensure its own growth. This lockup could singlehandedly kickstart a monster-sized rally in XRP prices.

These three pieces of Ripple news don’t get nearly enough attention, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there, working beneath the surface of Ripple prices. Once the three factors come to fruition, XRP prices may start to accumulate significant gains. And, at that point, FOMO kicks in.

Daily Ripple (XRP) Chart

ripple price chart 13 nov

Analyst Take:

I believe that investors underweigh Ripple because its end goal is different from that of Bitcoin and Ethereum. I continue to believe there’s phenomenal potential in this cryptocurrency, which is why I maintain my $2.00 Ripple price prediction for 2018.

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