Another Must-Have Investment for 2005

I feel strongly that investments in the eye care, pet care, and new energy industries will outperform over the next five years. Another investment theme that is an absolute must-have, going forward, deals with commodities. For an active investor, some exposure to commodities is a requirement these days.

We’re already a good seven or eight years into the current commodity price cycle, and the upward trend for this market sector should last well into the next decade. All the analyses by the most seasoned investment analysts suggest an inverse relationship between the broader stock market and commodity prices.

It looks to me like the broader stock market, as measured by the S&P 500, is rolling over. In a sense, its getting tired from its recent uptrend since 2003, and it is likely to resume a slow and methodical downtrend for the next several years. I could be wrong, but this is what my gut instinct is telling me.

With interest rates ticking higher, you need to be in the right market sectors if you want to make money from stocks. My previously discussed investment themes offer strong demographic fundamentals within their industries, and they should continue to do well, regardless of the action in the broader stock market. Now is the time, however, to be taking on positions in the resource/commodity sector, if you haven’t already.

For the stock market speculator, a basket of stocks in this market sector could include an intermediate oil and gas producer, a junior oil and gas producer, a gold pick, another precious metals pick like a copper or zinc producer, and an oil and gas drilling services company. Five or six good picks in this market sector will definitely help your portfolio over the next five years. Some currency diversification is also desirable going forward.

In my mind, the writing is on the wall. Resource/commodity related holdings will be the top performers, going forward. A mutual fund dedicated to this market sector would also be an excellent way to play this promising investment theme.