Top 10 Gold Stocks Setting Up for Huge Rewards

Top_10_Gold_StocksDue to low gold prices, gold stocks have faced a significant amount of scrutiny over the past few years. Their prices have collapsed and some gold stocks don’t even exist; a few mining companies have closed their operations and filed for bankruptcy. Investors’ sentiment towards the precious metal mining stocks isn’t very optimistic either.

With this said, investors should keep one important rule of investing in mind; in times of greatest uncertainty, the best opportunities are found.

Certainly, gold stocks are down, but there are several companies that are worth looking at. From my perspective, they are presenting a great opportunity. If gold prices move even 20% to 30% higher from their current price, there are gold stocks that could double or even triple in value.

I have identified 10 gold stocks. They are all solid plays on gold prices, and once the market turns; investors can reap massive rewards from them.