Inside the Pentagon’s Controversial “Site M”

Dear Reader:

Just 31 miles from the White House, there’s a top-secret warfare facility…

A facility known in military circles as “Site M.”

It’s potentially a $5.2-billion project equal to almost half the size of the Pentagon.

I’ve even caught an aerial shot of this location…

Imagery ©2015 Commonwealth of Virginia, DigitalGlobe, U.S. Geological Survey,
USDA Farm Service Agency, Map data ©2015 Google

This site is located at Fort Meade, Maryland, next to the NSA headquarters… A place where few Americans are allowed to enter…

Where highly classified projects and weapons are being developed…

And where documents confirm the Pentagon is undertaking a massive military buildup—one unlike anything seen since World War II.

Inside they’re mobilizing a top-secret shadow army called the “6th Branch of the Military.”

It’s the new face of America’s 21st-century military.

And it’s fighting the new 21st-century war—a global conflict that America is waging on multiple battlefronts…

One that has nothing to do with conventional combat…

In fact, The New York Times predicts it has “the potential to transform the nature of warfare.”

As this all-new theater of war heats up, my research leads me to believe that the “6th Branch” will grow to become THE American military.

A force bigger than the Army…Navy…and Air Force combined.

With an even bigger budget…

And with an even bigger share going to investors.

But while most of the details on this project are classified…here’s what I know:

Since this buildup began at “Site M” over three years ago…the “6th Branch” is said to include…

  • 4,900 elite new warriors…whom The Fiscal Times calls “the next American G.I. Joes”
  • A new arsenal of top-secret weapons, which are set to become the new nukes of the 21st century
  • And a $65-billion budget that defense experts call the “one bright spot” in the Army

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

You see, the “6th Branch” is mobilizing to fight an urgent threat—it’s what Obama has called “one of the gravest national security dangers” that the United States faces…and it’s a threat so imminent, a former CIA director predicts it could carry out the “next Pearl Harbor.”

That’s why so many other government departments are tapping into the “6th Branch” and its capabilities.

And it’s why Obama is NOT leaving this task up to his subordinates.

According to Presidential Policy Directive 20, a White House document, the president is personallyoverseeing the “6th Branch” buildup.

Look, I’m not here to scare you. I just want you to get an idea of how urgent this “6th Branch” buildup truly is.

Obama is gearing up to unleash $65 billion on the markets.

He’s spending it on top-secret technologies and weapons—the kind the public has never seen.

And he’s shifting resources from the “old military guard” to this new “6th Branch.”

Think about it.

The Air Force has a budget of $138 billion.

The Navy $148 billion.

And the Army $120 billion.

Bottom line: the price tag for the “6th Branch” could reach astronomical levels.

Obama is sparing no expense for it.

He’s dishing out contract…after contract…to build up the “6th Branch.”

How to Cash in on Obama’s
$65-Billion Spending Spree

In total, he’s handing out $65 billion in prime contracts.

And this surge of money is disrupting one small sector of the markets.

In fact, it’s unleashing the biggest wave of wealth creation in decades.

The last time the government shelled out this much money, during World War II, a small group of contractors soared for life-altering gains of 9,924%, 20,381%, and EVEN 23,586%.

That’s enough to turn…

  • Every $100 invested into $23,686
  • Every $1,000 invested into $236,860
  • And a portfolio of $10,000 into $2,368,600

On just one single play!

As you’re about to see, this type of spending wave minted as many as 22,000 new millionaires and billionaires.

These included individuals who parked their money in these companies and grabbed riches in just a few short years.

Just imagine if you had seen that coming beforehand.

If you had taken decisive action and invested just a small sum of $5,000…you could have become a millionaire—and in today’s dollars, a multi-millionaire.

Well, right now I believe we’re on the cusp of that same historic opportunity…and you’re getting that same chance again…as long as you don’t sit on the sidelines and watch it slip through your fingers.

In just a moment, I’ll reveal full details on this new “6th Branch of the Military”…

What’s more, I’ll share with you four contractors who are set to reap a potential windfall from this unprecedented military buildup.

Including their names, profiles, ticker symbols, and entry points to buy.

But first, let me show you how some ordinary Americans are already getting rich from this development.

The “6th Branch” Boom to Mint
New Wave of Millionaires

The Washington Post reports this massive spending spree has “created a new wave of well-heeled insiders.”

Like Ulysese, who was an ordinary Washington government worker. He’d spent 30 years traveling the world to fix computers for the State Department.

By 2002, he had secured a good pension, a multi-level home in Maryland, and around $5,000 in his bank account. He was a 64-year-old widower and wanted something that could just help keep him busy.

So he started a major “6th Branch” company and landed wave after wave of multimillion-dollar contracts.

Then he hit the big winner—his company received a share of a $6.6-billion “6th Branch” contract from the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency.

In a few short years, his firm had skyrocketed from $5 million in value to $50 million.

It was then acquired by the big defense giant ManTech for $90 million—instantly turning Ulysese into an overnight millionaire.

He bought houses for all of his 5 children, set up trusts for his dozen grandchildren, and donated to his church.

He wasn’t alone either…

Dozens of his company’s investors—no matter their initial investment or where they lived—also had the potential to become millionaires overnight.

Success stories like this are happening as the new “6th Branch” takes off.

And the best part is that in order to make a potential fortune on this defense spending jackpot…

  • You don’t need to own a “6th Branch” company
  • You don’t need a lot of money
  • And you don’t need a lot of experience investing

You just need ONE thing:

The specific knowledge of which companies are best positioned to ride the wave of “6th Branch” spending into the stratosphere.

And I’m talking to you today because I’ve identified a group of sleek new IPOs—what I call “6th Branch” companies—that I see are lining up to cash in on this spending wave.

According to The Guardian, these companies are expected to reap “untold windfalls.”

A cache of 287 documents point to this “secret new industry”—with 160 companies positioned to profit on the next big defense spending-spree.

And the good news is…I’ve done all the legwork for you.

I’ve scanned these small to medium-sized firms in order to bring you the plays with the greatest profit potential.

In doing so, I had four criteria for my “6th Branch” companies…

  • Those developing the most leading-edge technologies
  • Those that already have billion-dollar Pentagon contracts, along with a backlog of at least 3 to 4 contracts
  • Those that have dominant private market share
  • And those companies that trade under $15 a share

After ruling out over 130 contenders…I’ve narrowed the list down to four top-tier contractors.

These are the cream of the crop.

The low-hanging fruits for your portfolio.

And they still trade for bargain prices—because most investors are unaware of the new “6th Branch.”

This means they’re incredibly undervalued…perhaps the best deals I’ve ever seen in my 25 years in the markets.

But this rare opportunity won’t last for long.

That’s why today I’m revealing all four of the top “6th Branch” plays, including their names, ticker symbols, and company profiles.

I’ll also reveal full details on the “6th Branch”…the new war it’s waging…and the cutting-edge technologies behind it.

But before I do, allow me to answer one question…

How much money can you make from this development?

The Biggest Profit Opportunity in 67 Years…
The Next World War Event

Well, the best indicator is the creation of the last branch of the military—the Air Force during World War II.

During the buildup for World War II, Washington unloaded tens of billions of dollars for developing new fighter jet technology…building new planes…and recruiting pilots.

And this mountain of money absolutely shocked the markets.

That’s because the lion’s share of this cash ended up on the balance sheets of defense contractors.

These were firms on the frontlines of building the new Air Force.

As a result, their shares skyrocketed and far-sighted investors walked away like bandits.

Take North American Aviation, a company that was essential to America’s wartime air combat.

It built more than 17,000 Texas T-6 Texans—the most widely used trainer airplane of the war.

And it turned the P-51 Mustang into a powerful American fighter in World War II.

As a result, North American Aviation ranked #11 of wartime contractors with over $2.7 billion worth of government contracts.

And the stock shot up for astonishing gains of 9,924%—enough to turn a small investment of $5,000 into $501,200.

Then there’s B.F. Goodrich Corporation, which pioneered the manufacturing of synthetic rubber—a breakthrough that helped America win World War II.

The company received lucrative contracts for military products like airplane de-icers and B-29 tires.

Goodrich, which was struggling before the war, shot up for life-altering gains of 20,381%.

That means Americans who invested in Goodrich, a top company, turned every $1,000 they invested into $204,810…in just a few short years.

Then there’s Douglas Aircraft, which developed the B-17 Flying Fortress and ranked fifth among wartime defense contractors.

This company was essential to the new development of the Air Force, producing more than 30,000 airplanes for the Second World War.

All told, Uncle Sam dished out $4.4 billion worth of contracts to Douglas.

And its shares soared for unbelievable gains of 23,586%.

If you had seen the events unfolding, and positioned your money before the war in Douglas Aircraft, you could have turned a portfolio of $10,000 into $2,368,600.

Now, you might say that sounds great…

But how did investors really do?

Over 22,000 millionaires were minted during the First World War from defense contractor profits.

And World War II doubled the “take”!

I’m talking about over $55 billion in net profit from Uncle Sam’s war spending pot.

And that’s in just a few years.

22,000 New Millionaires
Minted Virtually Overnight

As one commentator writes of World War II, “Never before in history has any venture proven so profitable.”

And the opportunity today is NO different.

A small group of pioneer companies are building a new military branch—like the Air Force during World War II.

They’re constructing the new facilities…hiring the new warriors…and developing the new technologies.

They’re reaping a windfall of defense spending—spending which, in spite of defense cuts in other areas, is soaring through the roof.

It’s all so the government can fight the next big global conflict.

And you could ride the coattails of this trend.

If history even partially repeats itself, these stocks could hand you nothing short of 1,000%-plus gains. And in some instances, a whole LOT more.

I’m talking about the biggest wave of wealth creation in over 67 years—an opportunity we might NEVER see again. At least not in our lifetimes.

So which plays could make you the most money…in the shortest amount of time?

Like I said earlier, I’ve narrowed the list down to four top-tier companies.

And I’ll reveal full details on each of them.

But first, allow me to tell you a little bit more about the “6th Branch” and the wars it’s waging.

The New “6th Branch of the Military”

You see, the military’s new “6th Branch” isn’t fighting in the traditional domains of war—land, water, air, and space.

Instead, it’s fighting in a new domain—the “5th Domain of War”—cyberspace.

And all-new 21st-century wars are already raging in this new domain.

It’s really simple.

Just as the domain of land got the Army…

Water the Navy…

And air the Air Force…

This new cyber domain is led by the Cyber Command division—the new “6th Branch.”

A new 9/11 commission report calls cyberspace “the battlefield of the future.”

The report recommends the government take urgent action to “prevent the cyber equivalent of 9/11.”

The “6th Branch” is already waging cyberwars with ISIS, Putin, Iran, and China. And these global conflicts are only starting to heat up.

And the “6th Branch” is on a recruiting spree to fill their ranks with thousands of new “Cyber Warriors.”

They’re doing a military buildup unlike anything seen since World War II.

But this secret cyber army has ONE big difference:

It’s nearly entirely made up of private-sector contractors.

That includes the technology, services, and soldiers.

In short, this represents an unprecedented opportunity, one that could allow investors to grab the lion’s share of this new war spending.

This cash is expected to show up on the balance sheets of dozens of publicly traded companies.

And if you take action today, you could benefit from it.

The most important—and lucrative—operation of the “6th Branch” isn’t fighting new wars…

Instead it’s defending America from destructive cyber-terrorist attacks…

The ability of lone cyberhackers to take down our nation’s infrastructure—in one fell swoop—has our intelligence community scrambling for solutions.

In fact, Obama recently called cyberterrorism the “country’s biggest threat.”

A former CIA director warns a “cyber Pearl Harbor” could strike America.

And a survey of 352 defense leaders found almost half of all respondents agreed that cyberwarfare is the gravest threat to America—almost double those who were most concerned about terrorism.

A Bigger Threat Than Terrorism

The political consensus is incredible.

Unlike anything I’ve seen in years.

Our president…

Our House…

And our top military brass…

All of them agree:

Cyber defense is now one of our top priorities.

And they’re sparing no expense for this new “6th Branch.”

The cost of this cyberwar is not cheap either.

The battle against sophisticated cyberhackers is a 24/7, 365-days-a-year arms race.

It’s a cat-and-mouse game as hackers constantly probe a network’s defenses, finding inevitable flaws and weaknesses that system administrators must “patch” on a regular, ongoing basis.

And while it costs virtually nothing to hack a government network, the cost of defense infrastructure can run into the tens of billions of dollars—money that has to keep flowing; otherwise it leaves these systems vulnerable.

For instance…one government diagnostic and mitigation initiative is unleashing $6 billion in contracts.

And there are so many other contracts just like this with small, publicly traded companies.

Plays that could hand you gains in excess of 1,000%.

I’ll share more details on this in a minute.

But first let me explain why spending like this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The government is just one client of the “6th Branch.”

Anonymous hackers are siphoning billions of dollars worth of corporate secrets—up to a total of $575 billion each year.

The director of the National Security Agency describes these attacks as “the greatest wealth transfer in history.”

The damage to property and lives is extraordinary.

And corporations aren’t waiting on the government to protect them.

In fact, the private sector is now following Uncle Sam in escalating cyberspending.

The market is growing enormous.

Companies from the Fortune 500 to tiny new ventures are setting up cybersecurity measures.

How big could it realistically get?

One cybersecurity firm co-founder says, “Everyone with a website is an eventual future customer of ours.”

And another Maverick Capital executive predicts, “Every business in the United States will have to spend more money to defend themselves.”

Right now, the private sector is expected to unload as much as $67 billion annually.

And Forbes predicts that number could grow tenfold in the next several years.

By 2018, it’s expected to reach an astronomical $670 billion.

From there, it could quickly explode into a trillion-dollar global business.

That’s why the smart money is lining up to grab their share.

Experts are calling it the “cybersecurity gold rush.”

Last year alone, according to the market research group CB Insights, “venture capital firms invested a record-high $1.4 billion in 239 cybersecurity companies.”

That’s a whole lot of cash—even for the big Silicon Valley venture firms.

And these venture capital groups are pouring money in at a head-spinning pace.

Just take a look at this chart…

Let me be clear:

I can’t remember ever seeing these big venture firms invest this kind of money if they didn’t think they’d at least grow their investment tenfold.

A number of these cyber startups are going for an IPO. Others have already done so.

And if you get in on them right now, you, too, could skim a lot of this cash off the top for your portfolio.

It’s there.

The money is flowing in.

There’s no question about that.

The only question is this… Will you take the chance to pocket some of it for yourself?

If you’ve stayed with me this far, I’m 100% sure you will.

So that’s why I’ve put together four red-hot “6th Branch” plays—ones that could deliver the biggest returns as you ride this once-in-a-lifetime trend.

As cyberthreats mount, and as Uncle Sam disrupts the market with its avalanche of cash, I’m convinced these firms are primed to rake in massive profits.

And we’re just seeing the beginning of this trend…

You’ve seen the recent hacks of Target, JPMorgan and others.

It’s not some hypothetical event or far-off threat.

It’s happening right now.

The threat is only growing worse as Corporate America panics.

And they’re not taking any chances.

They’re throwing in billions of dollars to plug up the holes in their networks.

And that’s where people get rich. In the frenzy.

So this begs the question…

“How much money could you make exactly from
the new ‘6th Branch’ boom…?”

The good news is…we don’t have to guess.

A handful of “6th Branch” companies are already skyrocketing from just a small bit of spending.

Whenever even a tiny amount hits their balance sheets, the market takes notice.

And the shares have the potential to take off through the roof.

I’ve identified the four companies that my research points to benefiting the most from the “6th Branch” boom.

In fact, using history as a guide, these companies could hand you staggering gains like 9,924%, 20,381%, and EVEN 23,586%.

Just one of these plays could fund your whole retirement on a very small stake.

Even investing $500 could make you a fortune.

But that’s only if you get in now, while it’s early.

Take Sourcefire, a small Columbia, Maryland-based company and one of the biggest players in updating the government’s critical systems.

In total, it raked in a windfall of $40 million in prime contracts to build the “6th Branch.”

Not a huge sum, but even this tiny bit of money sent its shares soaring for 1,419%.

Just take a look at the stock chart…

That’s enough to turn a grubstake of $10,000 into $151,920 in just a few short years.

This astronomical growth caught the attention of software giant Cisco, which spent a whopping $2.7 billion to scoop up this cyber company.

A huge amount, yes, but Cisco spared no expense. That’s because the company saw it as a prime opportunity to position itself for the “6th Branch” spending-spree.

Again, Sourcefire didn’t receive a fortune from Uncle Sam.

Nothing like Obama’s current $65-billion spending-spree.

But still, it didn’t take much to send its shares through the roof.

Just imagine what’s about to happen to companies just like it—new IPOs and hidden gems on the cutting edge of the “6th Branch”—when these millions of dollars hit their balance sheets.

Let’s look at another example…a small Palo Alto-based data security startup called TIBCO Software.

All told, if you had known about this “6th Branch” company, and positioned yourself quickly, you could have pocketed 713% gains in just over two years.

Take a look…

That’s enough to turn a stake of $10,000 into $81,325.

Dynamics Research Corporation, an Andover, Massachusetts-based intelligence contractor, also landed a contract with the “6th Branch.”

The company’s stock soared from under $5 a share to just under $12 in just eight months…

That’s a 133% gain, enough to more than double your money.

And the company hasn’t even received the money yet from the contract!

Take a look at the company’s stock chart…

But don’t worry if you missed out…

The good news is this is only a glimpse of all the wealth that’s flowing to investors right now.

And I tell you all about my four favorite “6th Branch” companies in my intelligence briefing…

“The 6th Branch of the Military:”
How to Get Rich on Obama’s $65-Billion Cyberwar Buildup

Inside this report, you’ll get my breakthrough research based on government documents…

You’ll discover my top four “6th Branch” plays, their profiles, and ticker symbols.

These are companies lining up for contracts and are at the very leading edge of “6th Branch” developments.

They’re fighting on the frontlines of the 21st-century global cyberwar.

One that is expected to redefine the very nature of war while shifting the balance of global power.

This is your shot at booking World War II-like profits. The same kind that turned 22,000 everyday Americans into millionaires in just a few years.

With your permission, I’d like to send you my briefing with full details on these four companies absolutely FREE…

But so I can continue to inform you about all-new “6th Branch” contracts…

The leading-edge companies lined up to receive them…

And all the new profits to be made…

I only ask one thing of you in return…

To test-drive my new research service:

Introducing 21st Century Technology Profits

My name is Mitchell Clark.

And I’m a Senior Editor at Lombardi Publishing.

I’ve spent the last 25 years in the financial markets searching for the best technology opportunities before you hear about them from CNBC or The Wall Street Journal.

For instance, four years ago, I began informing my readers about the explosion of new biotech opportunities while the market was at the very early stages.

I honed in on little-known biotech companies at the bleeding edge of new life-saving therapies and drugs.

As a result, my readers had the opportunity to walk away with so-called “impossible” gains like…

  • 380% on Alexion Pharmaceuticals
  • 241% on Ligand Pharmaceuticals
  • 135% on Trius Therapeutics
  • 184% on Alkermes
  • 78% on Complete Genomics
  • 215% on Galena Biopharma

A $10,000 stake in each of these plays could have landed you a windfall of $123,300 in profits.

And while I’m honored to serve up gains like these…

It’s nothing compared to what I see coming with this “6th Branch” buildup.

And for good reason…

Yes, history’s greatest profit opportunities are built on new technological developments.

They fuel radical growth eras like…

  • The 2nd Industrial Revolution
  • The Information Age
  • The Internet Age

But what most people don’t realize is that these radical innovation eras were spurred on by wartime developments.

So many of Silicon Valley’s innovations during the postwar era were funded by the Department of Defense.

For instance…things we now take for granted like…

  • The Internet
  • The World Wide Web
  • Google Maps
  • GPS
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtual reality
  • And MUCH more

All of these technologies have their origins in the Pentagon’s research arm—DARPA.

Let’s not forget World War II…which spun off game-changing inventions during the buildup of the military’s “5th Branch”—the Air Force.

Things like…

  • Jet engines
  • Radar
  • Radio navigation and landing
  • Pressurized air cabins
  • Synthetic rubber and oil

Bottom line: new inventions and war go hand-in-hand.

War spins off technology that changes our lives, our society, and our economy.

Regardless of your personal feelings or political stance, it’s hard to argue against this.

And it’s even harder to argue against the HUGE profits at stake.

During World War II…Uncle Sam unleashed a tidal wave of war money—spending that minted $56 billion in net profits for savvy investors.

And that sent a small group of contractors soaring for life-altering gains like 9,924%, 20,381%, and EVEN 23,586%.

But the incredible thing is that the opportunity I’ve discussed today is NO different.

Right now, history is repeating itself with the buildup of the next military division—the new “6th Branch.”

I believe this secret cyberarmy will wage the next war in the 21st century.

It’s sparking the next era of innovation.

With disruptive new technologies that we will soon take for granted.

And this only means ONE thing to me:

We’re once again on the cusp of historic profits.

I want to be at your side during the whole “6th Branch” buildup… Alerting you on new government contracts…the development stages of cyber-weapons…the new cyberwarfare episodes and battles…and, most importantly, the companies positioned to profit on all of these.

According to The Washington Post, there are at least 143 companies at the center of this “6th Branch” buildup.

These start-ups trade for under $15 a share with explosive potential of 1,000% gains or more.

They’re primed as the new Military-Industrial Complex.

The future Boeings, Lockheeds, and Raytheons.

And that’s why I can’t share these plays with you right here.

You see, companies like these trade at a relatively low volume.

And right now, thousands of people like you are viewing this presentation.

If I allowed everybody in on this play, they could artificially drive up the share price.

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I’m convinced only major war wealth events like this have the potential to make so many ordinary Americans rich.

In short, the time to take action is now.

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Yours Truly,

Mitchell Clark, B.Comm.
21st Century Technology Profits