Big-Cap Stock Profits from Rising Rates?

As you are aware, I’m very bearish on big-cap stocks for the following reasons:

Valuations are historically high. Interest rates are about to rise. As a country, we’ve accumulated debt we can never repay. All our jobs are being lost to foreigners. The excesses of the late 1990s have never been washed out.

But there is a big opportunity standing right in front of us today. The market is sucking investors into big-cap stocks again… pushing prices higher so investors are fooled again.

Margin (the money borrowed to buy stock) is up near a new record high. This means the bear has indeed sucked enough investors in. The bear’s next step could be a huge fall in big- cap stock prices.

Short sellers have gotten filthy rich from the falling stock market in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003… Now you can too!

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Here’s the opportunity:

A short seller is a person who sells stocks that he thinks will go down in price. When the stock price goes down, he or she makes money.

If a stock falls from $20 to $10… the investor doubles his or her investment!

A short seller is the exact opposite of the 99% of investors who buy stocks in the hope they rise in price. Many people just like you… starting with $1,000 or less… are now filthy rich because of short selling.

I want to show you how to do it too. Easy, quickly and risk free!

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