Falling Dollar to Trigger Biggest Boom in Gold Stocks in 20 Years

How to Earn $10 for $1 Profits as the Shockwave Blindsides Most Investors

— Why the falling dollar will soon push up interest rates, reverse stock market gains and crucify unwitting investors.

— How the dollar’s decline has already boosted key gold stocks 200% over the past 12 months.

— Why a handful of investors will earn $10 for $1 profits as most investors falter.

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Dear Profit Confidential Reader,

An economic train wreck is barreling down on you and there’s no escaping it. A new monetary crisis is unfolding, greater than any the United States has faced in the past 74 years. And the impact is about to affect everything you own.

Here’s why:

Despite 13 consecutive interest rate cuts, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has blundered badly. A housing bubble has been created. The national debt is spiraling out of control. Now Greenspan is about to raise rates for the fifth time this year! Does he know what he’s doing? Well, the fallout is about to result in the unthinkable:

The collapse of the U.S. Dollar. Most investors have no clue about how a crippled and weak dollar will not only rock the world financial markets…

But also trigger a collapse on Wall Street that will make the 2000-2003 debacle look like a drop in the bucket.

Hard to believe? You bet. However, behind the rosy picture Greenspan’s been painting over the past 12 months, the dollar’s decline has been strong. And it’s about to crush the hopes and dreams of unwitting investors who fail to understand the situation that’s now unfolding.

But once you see through Greenspan’s big lie and take the simple actions I’ll spell out in the following special report, you’ll make serious, extreme profits as the dollar spirals south. Some investors have already gotten rich from the dollar’s decline. What will happen to your money when the strongest currency on earth goes bust?

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