One of the last big profit opportunities

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Texas Instruments recently plunged and my readers made a fast 45% profit on the fall.

JetBlue Airways was flying high, then news of rising oil prices sent the stock back to the runway and my readers took home an 88% profit.

Dear Profit Confidential Reader:

If you’re like me and are concerned about America’s ballooning debt…

How that debt will be financed if the U.S. dollar continues its steep decline against other world currencies… or why the stock market has not rallied to new highs despite interest rates reaching a 46-year low…

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You see, all three of the above companies I mentioned were good companies that had fallen victim to bad economic problems. And those three, like most of the stocks on the market, are now even more vulnerable to a free-fall in the price of their shares.

No, there are no bargains in big-cap stocks in today’s stock market.

Investors were way too optimistic about growth in 2003 and 2004. Now, almost every stock is way too overvalued.

For a select few investors (I’m including you), this is great news! Because, as you’ll soon see, you can make more money selling stocks in today’s market than you can buying them. Yes, I’m specifically talking about making profits as stock prices decline!

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