Peter Schiff: This Should Terrify Americans Everywhere

Peter Schiff
Image by Gage Skidmore

Think the U.S. Economy is Recovering? Peter Schiff Says This Will Change Your Mind

Are silver prices about to skyrocket? Could this be the end of the euro? What if Peter Schiff is right about the U.S. economy?

Every day, our team here at Profit Confidential combs through hundreds of articles, research reports, and company filings to bring the best investment insights for our readers. Here are the top stories from the last week.

Peter Schiff and Ron Paul Have a Dire Warning for America

“Schiff believes that the Fed has artificially inflated stock prices, which is why we’re seeing intermittent market rallies that will soon settle. In the long run, the dollar’s weakening strength will send markets crashing.” Read More

Ferrari IPO: Fiat (NYSE: FCAU) Could Be the Biggest Winner in Ferrari IPO

“There are certainly good reasons to take the bullish path on Ferrari stock, which could deliver a return on investment even in a short period, relying on the appeal and euphoria behind the IPO.” Read More


CAD-USD Exchange Rate: Justin Trudeau Win Bullish for Canadian Dollar

“Socialist Justin Trudeau has won Canada’s 2015 election, but does that mean analysts should slash their CAD-USD exchange rate forecast for the new year? Not necessarily.” Read More

China Now Has More Billionaires Than the United States

“China, which continues to call itself a communist country, boasts more billionaires than the United States, the country where one of its presidential candidates (Bernie Sanders, for the record) is attacked for not being capitalist enough.” Read More

Silver Prices Could Surge 420%, If This One Thing Happens

“Silver investors who get in at today’s low silver prices could see massive returns. It’s happened before when the silver-to-gold price ratio peaked, so history suggests there’s potential for gains of 420%.” Read More

Shocking: This Reveals Where the EUR-USD Exchange Rate Could Go Next

“Forex market strategists at Deutsche Bank are already proceeding to deal with the imminent euro-dollar parity.” Read More

This Chart Reveals What’s Likely Next for Silver Prices

“I am paying attention to a few silver miners. They have been reducing their costs, increasing their grades, as well as their production. Once the silver market turns, they could see leveraged gains to silver prices.” Read More

U.S. National Debt: As It Rises, This Investment Will Soar

“The U.S. national debt is quickly rising. Don’t for a second believe that our country can sustain these debt levels without severe repercussions.” Read More

Gold Prices in 2016: 5 Reasons Why They’re Headed Higher

“Dear reader, the above are my five reasons why gold prices will rise in 2016. The shares of quality gold mining companies continue to sell at historic lows, providing great opportunity for contrarian investors.” Read More

Peter Schiff Warns: Protect Your Wealth, the Worst is Yet to Come

“We are stuck at zero [percent interest rates], this is a gigantic bubble. The last the Fed wants to do, unfortunately, is prick it, but the air is coming out all by itself.” Read More

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