Ron Paul Delivers Blunt Reality Check to Washington Establishment

Ron Paul Says Little Will Change in Washington After Boehner’s Resignation

Is the U.S. economy on the verge of recession? Will Volkswagen AG survive “Dieselgate?” How did Ron Paul react to John Boehner’s resignation?

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Ron Paul’s Response to John Boehner Resignation Is Simply Awesome


“It will be more of the same. They talk about the possible individuals that might replace Boehner, but none of them seem to be real conservatives or constitutionalists. But that’s almost beside the point because the momentum is so great for more spending.” Read More

Global Recession: These Two Leading Indicators Confirm It’s Almost Here

“This year the Word Trade Organization (WTO) is expected to reduce its forecast for global trade for a second time—the first time that’s happened since 2009.” Read More

Volkswagen AG (ADR) Crashed 30% On Dieselgate; This Stock Could Be Next

“Volkswagen AG’s “Dieselgate” has opened up a can of worms for the auto industry.” Read More

Forget Apple Inc.; Here’s Why GoPro, Inc. (NASDAQ:GPRO) Can’t Be Beat

“I know it sounds counterintuitive, but that’s the simple reality of today’s markets. It’s these intangible values that are difficult to quantify that cause some analysts to underestimate companies like GoPro.” Read More

Carl Icahn Explains Why Donald Trump is Right for America in 60 Seconds

“We need a president who can move congress, and I think Donald Trump could do it. I might disagree with him on a few issues, and would like to talk to him some more. This is what this country needs.” Read More

Will the U.S. Dollar Collapse in 2016?

“The decline of the British Empire came at a great time for the U.S. Global trade shifted toward the American economy during the aftermath of WWII, putting the U.S. dollar at the forefront of international finance. But now China has surpassed America as the largest merchandise trader in the world. Doesn’t that mean the yuan is destined to be the next primary currency?” Read More

Gold Price Forecast: Goldbugs Could Have the Last Laugh in 2016

“It doesn’t take an MBA to figure out that something does not quite add up here. When commodity markets are this imbalanced, a market correction is about to take place.” Read More

Depression: What I Saw in Paris Blew My Mind

“While Greece, Spain, and Italy might be in what I consider an economic depression based on the sky-high rate of unemployment, I don’t see countries like France far behind.” Read More

Tesla Stock: Here’s Why the Tesla Motors, Inc. Bubble Will Collapse

“The Tesla S remains a toy for millionaires who park it prominently and smugly in front of their garages to broadcast their progressive pretenses.” Read More

Whole Foods Market Inc Delivers Reality Check to Minimum Wage Advocates

“Efforts to mandate a $15.00 minimum wage in cities like Seattle and Los Angeles—which is supposed to lift workers out of poverty and off public assistance—seems to have hit a snag. In a filing published Monday, Whole Foods announced it would cut 1,500 jobs as the company strives to slash costs and reign in labor expenses.” Read More

Silver Price Forecast: Yuan Devaluation Could Send Silver Prices to $50

“The last time fears were even remotely comparable was between 2009 and 2011. During that period we saw silver prices skyrocket, eventually peaking at $50.00 per ounce. It could very easily happen again.” Read More